Smart Dashboards for HR


If you’re in HR, you know that metrics are a vital way to quantify the cost and the impact of employee programs and measure the success (or failure) of initiatives. But HR executives often miss the nuanced picture that the data can offer, through smart dashboards, to help guide decision-making and strategies for recruitment and productivity.

You’d be surprised at the kind of insights you can glean about your culture using data you may already have laying around.

Here are a few guidelines to use in building an effective HR dashboard for your company:

Give them what they need and want

Who will be looking at this dashboard? What is it they need to know or will find actionable? Leave out the data that does not provide meaningful information to those using the dashboard. If it doesn’t figure in to their processes or workflow, it will distract and minimize the import of the data that does matter. If you’re not sure what insights will empower them the most, ask them.


Too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing

It’s easy to get distracted nowadays, isn’t it? When you think about it, being confronted with too much data, too many metrics, or too much trend analysis can only reduce productivity and sidetrack people from the task and goals at hand. If people can’t use the information, it’s, well, useless. That’s why we recommend limiting your dashboard to 8-12 metrics. After all, capturing data and analyzing metrics is time-consuming and expensive. Don’t waste time and resources on what doesn’t contribute to furthering your department’s goals.

The future is as important as the past

Most metrics fall into two categories: those that look backwards and give a historic perspective and those that look forward and are useful in predicting the future. The most effective dashboards contain some of both types so you can see at a glance where you’ve been and where you’re going. In fact, you should link every metric you capture with a future course of action. (If it isn’t actionable, consider dropping it.)

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Happy dashboarding!

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