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Game On at The Chamber of Commerce!

This week, It’s Game Time at the Chamber of Commerce and Industryof Lille with ClicData. Special guest at this B2B networking event organized by the…

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Visualize data in maps using Microsoft GeoFlow

We love visualization and when new tools come out we look at them to give us ideas on how to incorporate new visualization widgets in…

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Getting on the launchpad…

And here we are at last. After months of hard work we are finally ready to release our baby.  ClicData will be live and accessible…

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Why we are going freemium.

Free dashboard tools! Soon I’ll be able to put that sentence in every commercial and ads we’re going to put out there for the launch…

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K.I.S.S. S.M.A.R.T.

Acronyms are a very efficient way of sharing an idea or a concept quickly, and there are two that we are particularly fond of at…

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The Cloud: Everything as a Service

As we’re starting to see commercials on television about how Cloud is a wonderful answer to all your issues in the business world, there is…

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Should I put my company on the Cloud?

This week, Cap Gemini released a study about how Cloud based solutions are evolving in the BtoB market. As the Cloud is getting more and…

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What Is The Difference Between Data, Information, and Business Intelligence?

As Big Data is becoming more and more popular, those words can nowadays be found in practically every business publication. But what are we exactly…

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