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campaign performance dashboard min

How to Create the Best Campaign Performance Dashboard?

Digital marketing initiatives in the modern day produce a lot of data, whether from the company’s internal or external sources. While it is challenging to…

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return on investment marketing roi

7 sure-fire ways to demonstrate marketing ROI to your agency’s clients

Businesses spend a considerable chunk of their budgets on marketing campaigns, hoping to see results as soon as possible. Most use the marketing ROI their…

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data analytics myths debunked

The 7 Biggest Data Analytics Myths Debunked

Despite the clear advantages of data analysis to some of the biggest names in tech and business, from Meta to Amazon, there is still a…

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why data literacy matters

What’s Data Literacy and Why Is It Important?

Data has become a fundamental aspect of business operations in the growing digital-first global economy. As a result, learning how to extract, analyze, store, and…

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calculate and reduce customer aquisition costs

How to Calculate and Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost?

Like any business, you’re most likely looking for ways to grow in terms of sales, revenue, and clientele. However, are you prepared to grow at…

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data streams coming out of a tablet

5 Best Practices for Demand Forecasting

The science of forecasting involves making predictions. Supply chain management is aided by demand forecasting, which gauges demand for goods and services. Various sectors use…

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graphic of a woman with a speaker and marketing dashboards

Our Guide to Performance-Based Marketing & Advertising

Marketing has become more versatile and data-centric since the introduction of digital media. A 2018 report by Performance Marketing Association revealed that the industry was…

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Utilisez vos données client pour booster votre ROI

Une étude McKinsey démontre que les entreprises data-driven qui se servent de leurs données pour personnaliser leurs communications augmentent en moyenne leurs ventes de 5%…

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blog bi analytics financial departments consultants

How Financial Departments and Consultants Use Business Intelligence Analytics

Financial departments and consultants can use business intelligence systems to collect, refine, and analyze financial and operational data to develop valuable business insights. Given the…

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two women and a men sitting and analyzing marketing campaign performance results

Campaign Performance: How to Analyze Marketing Campaigns?

Marketing campaigns aren’t a foreign concept to most people. Your company organizes a few objective-based campaigns yearly to achieve its short-term or long-term goals. That…

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and (2)

ClicData VS. Qlik Sense: Business Intelligence Tools Comparison

Chances are you have ClicData and Qlik’s websites open in two tabs right now, trying to compare features, pricing models, and infrastructure. If you’re not,…

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clicdata tableau comparison

ClicData vs. The Competition: Which BI Tool is best for your business? ClicData vs. Tableau

You’re in the market for a BI tool and ClicData is on your shortlist – along with a few of our competitors. That’s okay, we…

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data management pain points

Top 5 of Data Management Pain Points In 2022

Creating a data-driven culture is not the only challenge that organizations and data professionals must overcome to get value out of the data collected and…

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business intelligence finance

7 Data Challenges in Financial Services and How to Overcome Them with BI

On average, financial companies analyze just 24 percent of big data collected. That means 76 percent of potentially valuable data plus the resources used to…

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customer acquisition guide

Our Ultimate Guide for Customer Acquisition in 2022

Global marketing spending was anticipated to exceed $1.3 trillion in 2020, according to Statista. The amount spent on online media in the US climbed by…

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