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blog 5 types of data analytics

 5 Types of Data Analytics to Drive Your Business  

With the widespread use of technology and the increasing digitalisation of businesses, companies now have access to vast amounts of self-generated data from multiple sources….

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blog increase campaign roi with data analytics

Increase campaign ROI with data reporting

Marketers waste an average of 31% of their budget, equivalent to £1.6m, due to poor data optimisation. And with the demand for ROI higher than…

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10 KPI à suivre pour la gestion de projet 

Un indicateur clé de performance (KPI) est un indicateur chiffré, quantifiable, qui aide le gestionnaire de projet à évaluer la performance globale du projet et…

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blog death third party cookies

Death Of 3rd Party Cookies: What Retailers Need To Know

By 2024, Google said it would phase away third-party cookies in Chrome as part of its “path towards a more privacy-first web.” It is a…

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blog data driven lead gen strategy

How to Create a Data-Driven Lead-Generation Strategy

In an ideal world, your lead pipeline would always be full, But in reality, 63% of marketers consider lead generation their biggest challenge.  Digital marketing…

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blog improve negative campaigns results with data analytics platform

How agencies can use a data analytics platform to improve negative campaign results

Marketing in today’s environment makes data analytics platforms invaluable for digital marketing agencies. Gone are the days of Don Draper, where marketing was all about…

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blog step away from excel supercharge client reporting

Step Away from Excel! Supercharge your campaigns with client reports dashboards

As an agency we get that you’re all about making data-driven decisions to improve campaign performance and drive business growth for your client. Working with…

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customer centricity

The Impact of Customer Centricity in 2023

Customer satisfaction plays a critical role in business profitability. According to a CallMiner report, businesses in the US lose around $35 billion annually due to…

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blog report dashboards for digital agencies

7 Powerful report dashboards for digital marketing agencies  

The birth of the digital marketing agency gave the illusion that FINALLY the value of marketing could be proved with the magic of data and…

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blog ecommerce kpis customer satisfaction

Ecommerce KPIs: Customer satisfaction metrics you should be tracking to increase revenue

There’s hundreds of ecommerce KPIs that you could be focusing on, and even more articles telling you which ones you should be setting as a…

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blog retail foot traffic data

Customer Foot Traffic Data – Definition, Use Cases, and Calculation

Customer foot traffic data has become one of the most important resources businesses from every industry and niche have at their disposal to learn about…

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blog consumer behavior data analysis

How to do a Consumer Behavior Analysis?

Do you ever feel you are speculating on what your customers want? Does your marketing team toss ideas out in the hopes that one would…

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blog 10 essential kpis retail

10 Essential KPIs for Retail to Keep in Mind

KPIs, or key performance indicators, have long been a fundamental part of business operations. These metrics enable employees, managers, and leaders to monitor and keep…

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bi benefits retail min

Business Intelligence: Benefits for the Retail Industry

Big Data has been a revolutionary concept for global industries and changed how we do business. Business intelligence is currently valued at $14.7 billion and…

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data flow blog

Data Flow: Making Data Processing A Lot More Efficient

The end-of-year holidays are around the corner and ClicData is nothing short of bringing you some sweet and awesome features! Our latest product release includes…

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