Business Intelligence Helps Businesses Trying Times

How BI Helps Businesses in Trying Times

In just a matter of months, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit millions of businesses in more than 200 countries very hard. The vast majority of organizations have experienced significant declines in sales and revenue, and small businesses—which typically have less of a financial cushion—are struggling more than ever. Many are hemorrhaging money as a result…

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Blog IoT Cybersecurity ClicData

How IoT Is Going to Change Cybersecurity

When you left home this morning, did you lock the door? Protecting your property is essential and so is protecting your data. Looking to the future, to properly keep yourself secure, you will have to consider cybersecurity as necessary as locking your door when you leave home. In this age of new and emerging technologies…

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Data Driven Predictive Marketing

What is Data-Driven & Predictive Marketing?

What is data-driven marketing? Creativity is an important asset in Marketing. But creativity doesn’t come out of thin air. It is fueled by the analysis of previous marketing efforts, by market and competition watch. And data is the key to successful marketing actions. So, let’s set the ground for this article – what is the…

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Blog What Happened In Tech 2019

How Relevant was 2019 in Tech? Very.

Now that 2019 is coming to a close, you can count on the inevitability of three things happening: You will tell someone that you can’t believe how fast 2019 flew by. You won’t be able to get past the homepage of your favorite news or entertainment website without seeing a “Top Something of 2019” You…

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Blog Are You Making The Most Of Your Existing Data

Are You Making The Most of Your Data?

Everyone is talking about Big Data today, there is a trend to move your organization to adopt to Big Data. Some others have already started thinking about Machine Learning; Artificial Intelligence is another lingo that’s making rounds around executive meetings in organizations. In the fast-paced business environment, it is great that your organization is trying…

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What Comes After Ai

What Comes After AI?

The progress in tech’s ability to develop algorithms that can learn and adapt is staggering. Some say that due to the immense computational power available to not only programmers and data scientists, but mathematicians, biologists, and even philosophers, teachers, and non-academical people, that Machine Learning has been democratized and expanded and Artificial Intelligence has grown…

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How Much Data Is Too Much Data For Organization

How Much Data Is Too Much Data For Your Organization?

With access to unprecedented volumes of data, organizations can perform endless analyses and get innumerable insights to base decisions on. But at some point, it’s valuable to step back and consider whether having so much data is serving the needs of your organization or costing you in ways that you’re not recognizing. Here are three…

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Ftp Or Cloud Storage Blog Post

Which is Better For Data Exchange? FTP or Cloud Storage?

The need to transfer data from one machine to another for processing has been around for a long time. Believe it or not, even before the internet was born—before API, web services, service buses, and even before FTP evolved—data transfer was being done, with the help of some fairly archaic methods. (Some are still in…

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Turn Your Data Into Information

How To Turn Your Data Into Information

At ClicData we try to keep things simple. Like many others, we do frequently use terms such as metrics, measures, dimensions, and facts, but we find that there can be a vast difference in their meaning from one person to the next. We hold a vision to make the field of data information analysis and…

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Data Analysis Better Customer Experience

Benefits of Behavioral Data Analysis For Your Business

First of all, what is this fancy term ‘behavioral data’? It is all the information gathered from consumers’ buying habits, product usage, and preferences, that is further applied for marketing campaigns and communication. It is a concept that is the implementation of writer Seth Godin’s idea stating “Don’t find customers for your products, find products…

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The Future Of Bi Clicdata

The Future of BI and ClicData 2019/2020

No surprise—big software companies reign.  Acquisition after acquisition, merger by merger, one by one, the big guys get bigger. All that seems to be left are those costly, old on-premises software or complex new “cloud” software. But there’s hope. Having secured loyal and knowledgeable customers, ClicData has established itself as the up and coming, next-generation,…

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Data Science Trends 2019

Top 14 Crucial Data Science Trends For The New Decade

There are a considerable number of data and analytics trends to prep for 2019. As time goes on, it’s really important to take note of the present trend so that you can better explore the world of data science. We are all past the fact that big data and advanced analytics are very important- almost…

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Etl Mistakes Building Bi

Critical ETL Mistakes When Building Your BI Solution

Let’s face it, typically you need an ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) process to build your BI solution. By some accounts, this can be a considerable effort; some industry estimates indicate that it takes up to 80% of any data warehouse or BI budget. While there are many well-documented strategies and lessons-learned out there, some…

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Gaming Developers Can Learn Data Analysis

What Can Gaming Developers Find With Data Analysis?

Modern companies in virtually every industry can benefit from data analysis. This is something we’re beginning to accept blindly as a general statement. However, it can always be interesting to look into what any specific business or industry can hope to gain through big data, and in this case, we’re looking at a fairly complex…

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