Big Data In Healthcare

Healthcare is Beholding Staggering Changes with Big Data

Being conscious of health has become a notable part of human life. To achieve better health, we are willing to invest in tools and advanced technologies. People regularly see doctors or their respective physicians for follow-up and check-ups. Since the data concerns human lives, this allowed the healthcare industry to hold accurate patient records. Carefully documenting,…

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Machine Learning Covid

Machine Learning and COVID-19: Lessons from Nothing

I think it’s time we see machine learning for what it really is: a human-made algorithm, coupled with human-made assumptions, supported by a human-made science called mathematics. That is why any expectation that machines can go beyond the bounds of what they were programmed to do will only result in disappointment, failures, and, in the…

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Machine Learning Product Targeting

How Machine Learning Can Be Used for Real-Time Product Targeting

For many years, product targeting has been practiced in the online world. Customers are targeted with products based on their preferences and history. As technology advanced, so did product targeting.  From displaying the static product recommendations as a part of the shopping process to predictive analysis of every shopper action in real-time and then targeting…

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Snowflake Clicdata Integration Benefits

ClicData Makes Snowflake Data Warehouse Even Better

We released a new connector to Snowflake, a widely-used platform that’s capable of uniting your data from different cloud infrastructure providers into a single data collection. Snowflake is great for copying data from multiple cloud platforms—mostly Amazon (AWS), Azure, and Google Cloud Platform—into a single data source. But wait! Isn’t that what ClicData does? Yes,…

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Customer Journey Data Analysis

How to Make Smart Decisions Based on Customer Journey Data Analysis

Customer journey data is a big business. In today’s market, customers are interacting with companies across many channels daily. Single touchpoint analytics fail to illustrate customer interactions in full. This has made way for a new kid on the block.  To combat this problem, businesses should analyze the whole customer journey. Integrate segmented data to…

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Big Data Podcasts

16 Big Data Podcasts You Need To Follow (2020)

The cutting edge of big data is an exciting place to be: innovations in machine learning, AI and analytics are happening all the time. This can be hard to keep up with, but fortunately, podcasts present an excellent way to approach new topics and the latest developments in big data. This list presents sixteen unmissable…

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Difference Between Data Privacy Security

What’s the Difference Between Data Privacy and Data Security?

Nowadays, it seems as though we cannot escape the term ‘data’. It’s everywhere. From our phone contracts to the ‘big data’ that social media platforms use every single second of every single day. Data is worth more than any other commodity on the planet, and it looks like it’s going to stay that way for…

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Data Driven Sales Team Are More Advantageous

Why Data-Driven Sales Teams Are So Advantageous

Modern business is a numbers game where sales managers carefully monitor activities and analyze the behavior of their prospects. According to the report, as much as 90% of companies already use two or more lead enrichment tools to learn more about prospects. If you still haven’t adopted the state of the art sales platforms, you…

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Blog Make The Most Software Integration

3 Tactics to Get More out of Software Integration

Software integration can be the savior of your business operations. For all of the software that you have in place in your business to track data, automate processes, or optimize your operations, you forfeit much of its value if you can’t get all of the individual pieces of software to talk to one another. Without…

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Blog What Is Single Sign On

What is Single Sign-On (SSO)?

Many people seem to think they know what Single Sign-On (SSO) is and assume it is a software add-on that allows users to automatically sign in to all of their core applications by asking for a password only once. Others think it’s an option that you can turn on and off within applications so you…

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The End Of Internet Explorer

Old Microsoft Had a Browser—I.E. I.E. CHROME

It is the end of an era. Or, more accurately, it’s the end of 11 eras, that is, of the web browser Internet Explorer. Right, Microsoft? Yes. Kinda. Maybe. Who knows? One hundred years from now, someone might still find the blue icon on some desktop somewhere. Much like the game of Solitaire, Internet Explorer…

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Business Intelligence Helps Businesses Trying Times

How BI Helps Businesses in Trying Times

In just a matter of months, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit millions of businesses in more than 200 countries very hard. The vast majority of organizations have experienced significant declines in sales and revenue, and small businesses—which typically have less of a financial cushion—are struggling more than ever. Many are hemorrhaging money as a result…

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Blog IoT Cybersecurity ClicData

How IoT Is Going to Change Cybersecurity

When you left home this morning, did you lock the door? Protecting your property is essential and so is protecting your data. Looking to the future, to properly keep yourself secure, you will have to consider cybersecurity as necessary as locking your door when you leave home. In this age of new and emerging technologies…

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Data Driven Predictive Marketing

What is Data-Driven & Predictive Marketing?

What is data-driven marketing? Creativity is an important asset in Marketing. But creativity doesn’t come out of thin air. It is fueled by the analysis of previous marketing efforts, by market and competition watch. And data is the key to successful marketing actions. So, let’s set the ground for this article – what is the…

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Blog What Happened In Tech 2019

How Relevant was 2019 in Tech? Very.

Now that 2019 is coming to a close, you can count on the inevitability of three things happening: You will tell someone that you can’t believe how fast 2019 flew by. You won’t be able to get past the homepage of your favorite news or entertainment website without seeing a “Top Something of 2019” You…

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