Reporting acronyms YTD, YoY, MTD, MoM Explained

reporting acronym mtd yoy mom yoy

The value of business reports lies in how they present information clearly and concisely. If a report is unintelligible or too complex, it becomes difficult to draw useful insights to help you navigate your business. That’s why a good report has to be simple and clear. It should give you clear insights not only into…

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How Banks can use Internal Data to Improve Customer Experience

banking data to improve customer experience

We live in a data-driven world. Good data and relevant industry and market forecasts are the top driving forces behind long-term business growth in any industry. When it comes to banking and fintech, however, collecting and acting on viable data can tell you whether or not your customers are happy. This can mean the difference…

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Going beyond NetSuite’s reporting with ClicData

Embeded BI solution

Reporting with NetSuite & ClicData In a perfect world, you wouldn’t need multiple applications to accomplish what you need. In a perfect world, all screws would use the same screwdriver, all electrical plugs would use the same plug, and you would never have to apply updates on your phone. And when it comes to software,…

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Dealing with Dates in Data Analytics

dates in data analytics

Those of us that do not have to deal with time zones, date formats, and leap years, and the like might wonder what the big deal is about working with dates. I mean, a date and time is a date and time, right? December 31, 2022, at midnight is a Friday. It’s New Year’s Eve.…

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Why is ClicData a Good Match For Healthcare Organizations

clicdata good match for healthcare analytics

That’s a good question considering there are many platforms on the market that may perform the same or similar functions, but none provide all the tools we needed to make that delivery seamless and adaptable. In this article, we will share the reasons why Solvitix and many other healthcare experts have preferred ClicData to other…

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optimizing healthcare performance

Delivering patient care must adapt to meet the changing healthcare landscape and streamline data analysis. Subsequently, there needs to be a new way to manage this environment that adapts and grows with the industry. Simply looking at productivity or budget information no longer provides enough of the insights needed to be successful. Introducing Solvitix Solvitix…

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2021 Recap & 2022 RoadMap

Roadmap 2022

At ClicData we are busy finishing the year strong and ensure that we can deliver the best features possible as quickly as we can. 2021 was a busy year for us, and as such we have increased our hiring to make sure we can fulfill our promises for 2022. Our Road Map is built based…

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Analyze Sentiment with Opinion Text Mining (PART 2)


In Part 1 of this Blog we gave a brief description of Sentiment Analysis and described the challenges associated with it. If you are reading this then you are determined to continue on this adventure – good for you! Before proceeding, please be aware that this blog is a lot more technical than Part 1,…

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Analyze sentiment with Opinion Text Mining (PART 1)

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment or opinion analysis is a data mining technique that attempts to determine if a person or a group of people have a certain perception of a product, a company, an event, pretty much everything for which you can gather feedback in text format. One popular use is to analyze social media comments, especially from…

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Enhance Your Sales Reports with ClicData & Pipedrive

sales report with pipedrive

Pipedrive is a solid CRM made for small and medium-sized businesses that need a simple, efficient, and clean CRM application. With Pipedrive, you can get your team up and running in just a few minutes with great features such as email integration, built-in dial/voice capabilities, strong lead and deal management, and even some more advanced…

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5 Tell-Tale Signs of Bad Data Management

5 tell tale signs of bad data management

Data management can be understood as the practical strategies you implement to collect, analyze, organize and maintain valuable information. We use effective and standardized data management policies and procedures to reduce human error and build trust to meet consumers’ needs and market demands.  In the business world, data management makes an impact by providing decision-makers…

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Find the Profit In Your Healthcare Practice’s RCM System

healthcare revenue cycle management business intelligence

Even as medical practices focus on the well-being and care of their patients, as a business, they must be profitable. That’s why Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)—the processes that healthcare systems use to track revenue from patients’ first appointments to final payments—is essential to a successful practice. But as I work with businesses using RCM, I…

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Cyber and Data Security Metrics Businesses Should Monitor

cyber and data security metrics to monitor

You need a complex system of security and reporting systems in place to ensure the safety and integrity of your physical infrastructure and the digital data your company keeps. You must also gather human, technological, and quantitative cybersecurity metric resources to assess the effectiveness of your defenses. Without these tools, no security posture is complete.…

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9 Ways to Leverage Big Data for Better Ecommerce Conversion & Sales

leveraging big data ecommerce

Over the last couple of years, big data has become popular and is being leveraged in various industries. This includes marketing, e-commerce, and information technology. No wonder we see companies that provide business intelligence services pop up here and there. That’s because big data allows you to make informed decisions. It also comes in handy…

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