Sentiment analysis

Analyze sentiment with Opinion Text Mining (PART 1)

Sentiment or opinion analysis is a data mining technique that attempts to determine if a person or a group of people have a certain perception of a product, a company, an event, pretty much everything for which you can gather feedback in text format. One popular use is to analyze social media comments, especially from…

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sales report with pipedrive

Enhance Your Sales Reports with ClicData & Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a solid CRM made for small and medium-sized businesses that need a simple, efficient, and clean CRM application. With Pipedrive, you can get your team up and running in just a few minutes with great features such as email integration, built-in dial/voice capabilities, strong lead and deal management, and even some more advanced…

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5 tell tale signs of bad data management

5 Tell-Tale Signs of Bad Data Management

Data management can be understood as the practical strategies you implement to collect, analyze, organize and maintain valuable information. We use effective and standardized data management policies and procedures to reduce human error and build trust to meet consumers’ needs and market demands.  In the business world, data management makes an impact by providing decision-makers…

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healthcare revenue cycle management business intelligence

Find the Profit In Your Healthcare Practice’s RCM System

Even as medical practices focus on the well-being and care of their patients, as a business, they must be profitable. That’s why Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)—the processes that healthcare systems use to track revenue from patients’ first appointments to final payments—is essential to a successful practice. But as I work with businesses using RCM, I…

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cyber and data security metrics to monitor

Cyber and Data Security Metrics Businesses Should Monitor

You need a complex system of security and reporting systems in place to ensure the safety and integrity of your physical infrastructure and the digital data your company keeps. You must also gather human, technological, and quantitative cybersecurity metric resources to assess the effectiveness of your defenses. Without these tools, no security posture is complete.…

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leverage big data for ecommerce

9 Ways to Leverage Big Data for Better Ecommerce Conversion & Sales

Over the last couple of years, big data has become popular and being leveraged in various industries. This includes marketing, e-commerce, and information technology. No wonder we see companies that provide business intelligence services pop up here and there. That’s because big data allows you to make informed decisions. It also comes in handy when…

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customer data analytics increase roi

Using Customer Data Analytics to Increase Your Marketing ROI

In a post-pandemic world with slashed marketing budgets, data analytics are critical to making the most of your advertising dollars. Recent statistics show that data-driven marketing that leverages customer personalization can earn a business 5-8x ROI. Personalization can be reached through public records and other reverse lookup tools, which will give you information about your…

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selling bi to it

Our Way of Selling BI to IT and How We Address (Valid) Objections

Before starting ClicData, I worked in IT for a large pharmaceutical organization. So, over the years, I watched their IT morph from consisting of a single person working for the Financial Department to being a full-fledged, rightfully distinct, globally reaching department. The manager was even promoted to the distinguished C-level ranking of CTO. The purpose…

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data privacy gdpr cookie consent

Data Privacy: Are We Protected By GDPR & Cookie Notices?

As wars continue to emerge among Facebook, Apple, Google, and others, it was only a matter of time before I would feel the need to write about data privacy, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and other things happening around the net these days. What is going on? For one, Apple is essentially adopting an…

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transfrom data actionable insights

Guide to Transform Data into Actionable Insights

Transforming raw data into actionable insight is about integrating and analyzing data from all sources to find the best and optimized business decisions. However, the massive amount of data collected by analytics software can be overwhelming. It gets even more daunting when you try to make sense of this big data.  Therefore, to effectively use…

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data reports

6 Tips to Create Data Reports to Enhance Your Business Performance

What gets measured gets managed.  It’s an old adage that perhaps goes a long way to explaining why data reports have become such a staple of modern business.  But in reality, data reports have developed a reputation as tiresome affairs capable of inspiring little more than the urge to fall asleep.  Indeed, the very term…

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big data elearning

7 Tips to Effectively Manage and Process Big Data in Elearning

For every elearning business to be successful, you need to consider several factors that facilitate growth. Coming up with a solid strategy that processes big data is one of them.  As research shows, almost 60 percent of businesses are using analytics at some capacity, and it’s helping them make better decisions, improve business-customer relations, and…

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common data issues solutions using clicdata

Common Data Issues & Solving Them With ClicData

What sets ClicData apart is the power it gives you to do two valuable things: pull your data together into one clean data source and build efficient dashboards in a very short time. The platform gives you tools to tidy up your data. You can define transformations on the data that run any time that…

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thumbnail article bolstering regulatory compliance

Bolstering Regulatory Compliance Efforts with Real-Time Data Management

One of the most problematic data management issues facing organizations today is the bewildering array of regulatory requirements they face, and not just from within their own country, but often worldwide as well. A single U.S. organization, for instance, may be subject to data privacy laws in its state of residence, the Fair Credit Reporting…

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