Making the switch from UA to GA4 with ClicData: A Simple Guide

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📅 Update: Universal Analytics (UA) will be gone for good on July 1, 2024. This means all your UA properties and data will be too. Save and migrate them before it’s too late, let’s see how! 👇 If you’re using Google Analytics, you’ve probably also received this reminder from Google – Universal Analytics (UA) will…

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Zero-ETL: The Next Best Thing or Another Buzz Word?

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No-ETL processes have gained popularity in recent years, especially in the context of big data and cloud computing. What is Zero-ETL? The idea behind Zero-ETL is to eliminate the need for traditional ETL processes by processing data in place, where it already resides, without the need for separate ETL tools, systems, or processes. Without any…

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What Business Data Should You Protect With Encryption? Avoid the Disaster

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Running any kind of business today without collecting user data is nearly impossible. All companies may hold confidential client information on their servers, whether they are privately owned enterprises or public healthcare institutions. Exposing such data to third parties or malicious actors could lead to hefty fines and irreversible damage to reputation, as Marriott Hotel…

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2023’s Top 3 Data Trends and Predictions for Businesses

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Data, and its resulting insights, are vital for any modern business. We all know this. But with 2023 well and truly underway, we need to ask “what’s next?”  The main thing is this: the world is turning to smarter data management.  For example, BI (Business Intelligence), which refers to applications and technologies employed in gathering,…

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Business Intelligence: Benefits for the Retail Industry

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Big Data has been a revolutionary concept for global industries and changed how we do business. Business intelligence is currently valued at $14.7 billion and is expected to grow by $8.15 billion between 2022 and 2026. All of its applications are critical for effective strategy development, but retail business intelligence has a special significance. A…

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The 7 Biggest Data Analytics Myths Debunked

data analytics myths debunked

Despite the clear advantages of data analysis to some of the biggest names in tech and business, from Meta to Amazon, there is still a stigma attached to the practice. The realities of data analytics, however, have been obscured by myths. In this article, we will shine a light on the truth. Introduction to Data…

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What’s Data Literacy and Why Is It Important?

why data literacy matters

Data has become a fundamental aspect of business operations in the growing digital-first global economy. As a result, learning how to extract, analyze, store, and use data from different sources has become crucial for driving business value. However, many businesses, especially those digitalizing their operations to make data-driven decisions don’t have the knowledge to tap…

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Top 5 Data Management Pain Points In 2022

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Creating a data-driven culture is not the only challenge that organizations and data professionals must overcome to get value out of the data collected and its analysis. There are many other data management pain points or challenges to overcome. The following are the top 5 challenges for data management and the strategies to overcome them.…

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Why Demand Forecasting Is Important in Supply Chain

demand forecasting in supply chain

The COVID-19 pandemic was unanticipated and severely disrupted logistics worldwide. According to statistics, the global supply chain pressure indexar increased from 0.01 in December 2019 to 3.15 in April 2020. While few people could have predicted the chaos the pandemic would cause, the impact led several to start incorporating demand forecasting in the supply chain.…

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How Machine Learning Can Improve Demand Forecasting

machine learning on demand forecasting

Machine learning has seen one of the most rapid growths, its market value increasing from $1.03 billion in 2016 to $15.44 billion in 2021. This innovation has also outperformed expert predictions and gained a strong foothold in the commercial industry. The reason is that businesses have benefited from its applications, succeeding at enhancing demand forecasting…

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Data Reliability: Definition, Process and Benefits of Reliable Data

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Everyone wants to be a data driver. But to be data-driven, you first need to have data reliability as a top priority. It’s important to note that owning data is quite different from owning reliable data, which is also different from being data-driven. To paint a clear picture, let’s take a scenario where two marketing…

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How to Choose The Right Data Platform That’ll Meet Your Needs

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The business world today runs on data. Regardless of your industry or organization size, data power strategic decision-making, reveals hidden waste generators eating into your bottom line, and unearths new revenue streams. However, data alone can’t execute all of the above. Your business must gather tech solutions that connect all the relevant data sources. You’ll…

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