thumbnail article bolstering regulatory compliance

Bolstering Regulatory Compliance Efforts with Real-Time Data Management

One of the most problematic data management issues facing organizations today is the bewildering array of regulatory requirements they face, and not just from within their own country, but often worldwide as well. A single U.S. organization, for instance, may be subject to data privacy laws in its state of residence, the Fair Credit Reporting…

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business intelligence trends 2021

Business Intelligence Trends: What to Expect in 2021?

Whether you have been in business for ages or have just stepped into the world of marketing in recent years, Business Intelligence is a term that you must have looked into or come across as part of your venture.  Strictly speaking, Business Intelligence is a wide term used to refer to applications and technologies that…

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closed padlock on digital background, technology security concep

A Guide to Stronger Cloud Connectivity and Security for Businesses

While living in a highly tech-driven age, it’s important for your business to stay on top of trends but also to safeguard your digital assets. In this article, let’s break down the importance of cloud connectivity and leveraging secure cloud platforms for your digital assets and content, and how your business can get started to…

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data shaping real estate industry

17 Ways Data Will Shape the Real Estate Industry

Technological advances will continue to shape the real estate industry, which will be further influenced by the role of big data. But how will technology alter the industry? And what role will big data play? 56% of people found their home on the internet, according to the National Association of Realtors. With decreased in-person showings…

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Data Silos How To Break Them

Data Silos: The Achilles Heel of Large Organizations

Quick question: how do you determine strategic choices for your business? While qualitative decision making is a viable approach, you also want to have an understanding of the underlying numbers to help you make the most informed and optimal choice. In the modern age, companies are unable to come up with decisions without relying on…

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Data Driven Approach Business Productivity

The Data-Driven Approach to Improving Business Productivity

Whether you’re a budding startup, a solo entrepreneur, a creative agency, or a full-fledged enterprise, it’s no secret that leveraging data the right way can skyrocket your organization’s productivity. But how, exactly? In this article, let’s breakdown the what, why, and how of a data-driven approach to improving business productivity, starting with the fundamental question…

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Shared Dedicated Onpremise Data Warehouse Clicdata

Shared, Dedicated, or On-Premise Data Warehouse: What is Right For You?

Unlike other cloud apps, cloud-based business intelligence (BI) requires extensive infrastructure. That means that the database behind it can’t just be any database; it needs to be a powerful database that’s capable of on-demand analytics and multi-user access to key performance metrics, dashboards, and visual metrics. Because of this, ClicData now offers several choices for…

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Data Management For Success

4 Reasons Why Data Management Leads To Business Success

In today’s day and age, data is in abundance. Organizations have to be more careful about their data management techniques to be able to secure confidential customer data and avoid any legal issues from arising. Data management involves the development and maintenance of records along with updating any new information and making sure that data…

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Excel Spreadsheets Arent Enough For Business Data Management

Why Spreadsheets Aren’t Enough For Your Business Data

I love Excel. I just wanted to state this outright. I would like to think that I use it the right way and that I am nearly an expert in most things Excel. I think Excel can be used in many circumstances and scenarios that require a very fluid, ad hoc analysis. The problem is…

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Social Media Marketing Big Data Machine Learning

Social Media Marketing: Be Smarter By Using Machine Learning

Social media marketing is now a must in the advertising strategies of almost every small, medium, and big company in the world. Whenever a new social platform emerges, it provides brands with new opportunities to increase their brand awareness. The pace, size, and variety of advertising techniques on social networks are so huge that companies…

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Big Data In Healthcare

Healthcare is Beholding Staggering Changes with Big Data

Being conscious of health has become a notable part of human life. To achieve better health, we are willing to invest in tools and advanced technologies. People regularly see doctors or their respective physicians for follow-up and check-ups. Since the data concerns human lives, this allowed the healthcare industry to hold accurate patient records. Carefully documenting,…

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Machine Learning Covid

Machine Learning and COVID-19: Lessons from Nothing

I think it’s time we see machine learning for what it really is: a human-made algorithm, coupled with human-made assumptions, supported by a human-made science called mathematics. That is why any expectation that machines can go beyond the bounds of what they were programmed to do will only result in disappointment, failures, and, in the…

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Machine Learning Product Targeting

How Machine Learning Can Be Used for Real-Time Product Targeting

For many years, product targeting has been practiced in the online world. Customers are targeted with products based on their preferences and history. As technology advanced, so did product targeting.  From displaying the static product recommendations as a part of the shopping process to predictive analysis of every shopper action in real-time and then targeting…

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Snowflake Clicdata Integration Benefits

ClicData Makes Snowflake Data Warehouse Even Better

We released a new connector to Snowflake, a widely-used platform that’s capable of uniting your data from different cloud infrastructure providers into a single data collection. Snowflake is great for copying data from multiple cloud platforms—mostly Amazon (AWS), Azure, and Google Cloud Platform—into a single data source. But wait! Isn’t that what ClicData does? Yes,…

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Customer Journey Data Analysis

How to Make Smart Decisions Based on Customer Journey Data Analysis

Customer journey data is a big business. In today’s market, customers are interacting with companies across many channels daily. Single touchpoint analytics fail to illustrate customer interactions in full. This has made way for a new kid on the block.  To combat this problem, businesses should analyze the whole customer journey. Integrate segmented data to…

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