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Software as a Service (SaaS)

Customer Support KPIs To Track

5 KPIs To Track For A Successful Customer Support

Nowadays, successful customer service represents a holistic blend of data and results to provide the best experience for consumers. Pleasant phone calls are only a small aspect of understanding what really makes a customer service experience worthwhile. So, to accurately gauge what produces the best results, it’s crucial for businesses to measure a variety of…

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Blog Saas Not Collaboration

So Much SaaS, But No So Much Collaboration

There’s a lot of SaaS going on. According to tech journalist Barry Levine, business employees use an average of eight SaaS applications regularly. Companies with up to 50 employees work with about 40 SaaS applications. And those with 1000+ employees have over 200 in use. Business spending on SaaS applications started to boom in 2014.…

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Logging User Activity For Better Performance

Logging User Activity for a Better Experience

The use of logs in any application is typically centered around logging unexpected application events, performance issues, failures or security alerts. At ClicData we use logs extensively to monitor outliers, increase in activity, increase in errors, and hundreds of processes that take place every second. Typically the documents or tables storing these logs are frequently…

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Experts Sites Are Experts But At What

Expert Review Sites Are Experts, But At What?

Being the Vice President of Sales for a SaaS company exposes me to many things, one of them being review software review sites, like Capterra, G2Crowd, GetApp, Software Advice, Appvizer, and more. According to the sites themselves, their purpose is to provide the means to “discover the best app to grow your business.” They tell…

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Blog 7 Must Have Features Bi Tool

7 Must-Have Features in Your Business Intelligence Dashboard Tool

If the past three decades tell us anything, it’s that we’re indeed deep into the “Information Age.” Business intelligence and dashboard reporting tools are all the rage. Why? Because data is everywhere, coming from virtually everything. Around the clock connectivity and the Internet of Things (“IoT”) have digitally connected everything from cars and appliances to…

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Make the Most of Your Mobile Analytics with These Tactics

Being a mobile-first company is no longer an option—it’s an expectation. As your company evolves to keep up with hyper-mobile and hyper-local customers, it’s likely you’re investing in new technologies, additional resources and fresh ways of approaching your operations. But, here’s an idea that may make you a bit uncomfortable: are your data and analytics…

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Good SaaS Finish Last? Jumpstart Your Dashboards with ClicData!

It seems that in the last several years, companies are on the prowl for software and processing systems that require less startup work. Data analysts are looking for ways to decrease their workload of manually building dashboards and syncing them with large amounts of data. In today’s business world, companies are not as concerned with…

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Try SaaS Software for Free Before You Buy It

Technology today has changed our world. We can now buy the best cars and the best software on the market. We don’t have to pick one and live with our choice for the rest of our lives. Because we can adapt to the market, how will you know which SaaS software to buy? How will…

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SaaS vs. Cloud Computing – What's the Difference?

The term SaaS is often mentioned within the context of cloud computing, and rightly so. SaaS, according to Wikipedia, is the application layer of cloud computing. So, how do we distinguish these two terms from each other? Cloud Computing The industry term “the cloud” was created as a way to sell a variety of remote computing…

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Microsoft on the Edge!

Hi there!

You heard the news everywhere, Windows 10 is coming!

The new operating system from Microsoft will start being deployed today, good thing being that if you are currently running a genuine copy of the Windows 7 or 8.1, the upgrade to the new version of the system is free.

Microsoft is trying again to deploy one “OS to rule them all” as Windows 10 will run on many devices from desktops and laptops to mobile phones and tablets alike.

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The Cloud: Everything as a Service

As we’re starting to see commercials on television about how Cloud is a wonderful answer to all your issues in the business world, there is actually more to it. Behind what we commonly call the Cloud hides a broader range of services; here are a few, and probably the most known: SaaS or Software as…

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Should I put my company on the Cloud?

This week, Cap Gemini released a study about how Cloud based solutions are evolving in the BtoB market. As the Cloud is getting more and more mature, most companies are convinced by its necessity but have a “step by step’ approach to it and decide to adopt Cloud-based solutions for a certain number of reasons. The…

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