woman looking at a marketing email in a retail store

A Complete Guide to Email Marketing for Retailers in 2022 & Beyond

Email marketing is like a wardrobe staple (think white t-shirts and sensible dress shoes) that not even the most fashionable marketers can shun completely. With its formidable ROI and targeting capabilities, it can help you step up your overall marketing game.  But you can’t just go around treating your emails like the digital equivalent of…

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ecommerce analytics leveraging data to drive sales

E-Commerce Analytics: How To Leverage Data To Drive Sales

E-Commerce is constantly evolving, from how websites engage with customers to how data is collected to increase sales, thus creating a better user experience. Analytics is at the forefront of these changes, providing valuable metrics that can help optimize e-commerce websites to achieve better results.  In this article, we will discuss how to leverage the…

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happy woman with shoppings bags in her hands in front of a store benefiting from omnichannel best practices

9 Best Practices For Omnichannel Retail Your Customers Will Love

If you work in retail, then you know how important omnichannel retail is to your business growth. Not only is the modern customer tech-savvy, but they also use multiple channels to strike any business deal. They depend on mobile devices to compare products and services online. They want customized experiences that are also consistent and…

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building omnichannel retail strategy concept

Building an Omnichannel Retail Strategy

Trends in e-commerce and digital marketing have moved from the multichannel approach to omnichannel. It is no longer enough to have a website, blog, or social media account. Customers want more than just interacting with your brand. They want a consistent experience with your brand regardless of the channel they use. That means you must…

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predict customers next move

How Can You Predict Your Customer’s Next Move?

Modern-day customers are tech-savvy and demand a personalized experience to commit to a brand. As a result, businesses strive, with each campaign, to use data for the purpose of content personalization. However, their efforts at building a loyal customer base often fall short. As businesses are locked in an intense game of three-party chess with…

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sales reporting challenges and solutions

6 Sales Reporting Challenges & ClicData’s Solutions

The importance of sales reports to a sales team can’t be understated. They help managers summarize and track sales performance, plan sales strategies, recognize trends, and adjust the sales cycle as needed. Of course, like other reports, the more accurate the sales report is and the more extensive its data resources, the more profoundly it…

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leveradge data to convert leads

How to Leverage Data to Convert Leads

Looking to convert more leads but don’t know how? Believe it or not, that’s something every business struggles with at some point or another. While some companies quickly detect how to convert more leads, others need more time to develop effective strategies. However, converting leads isn’t rocket science, and it’s something your team can easily…

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clicdata hubspot integration

Use ClicData and HubSpot for Custom Sales & Marketing Reporting

Less than two years after reaching 500 integrations, HubSpot announced that its App Marketplace is now home to over 1,000 integrations. Each integration is a tool that is designed to help customers better use HubSpot to improve their marketing, sales, services, and more. HubSpot and each of its integration partners is dedicated to helping clients…

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bi help with your crm data and grow your sales

How BI Can Help with Your CRM Data Analysis and Grow Your Sales

Making tough business decisions isn’t always easy, but it helps to have the correct data to validate each move you make. Two valuable data sources are your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and BI (Business Intelligence).      By connecting your CRM data to your business intelligence platform, you will be able to: Analyze data to make more…

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customer analytics play an important role for sales

Why Customer Analytics Plays an Important Role for Your Sales

No matter what you sell and who you sell it to, we are all on the lookout for ways to improve our sales processes. From coming up with new cold pitches to trying out new tools for lead generation and scraping customer data, we always look for a better way to get more sales.  However,…

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ways data analytics improve customer service

4 Ways in which Data Analytics can Improve Customer Service

Customer service and data analytics go hand-in-hand. Without accurate and reliable customer-centric data, marketers cannot hope to make impactful decisions that drive growth and boost user satisfaction. Here’s what the research tells us: Data-driven organizations are 23X more likely to acquire customers, 6X as likely to retain customers, and 19X as likely to be profitable…

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leverage big data for ecommerce

9 Ways to Leverage Big Data for Better Ecommerce Conversion & Sales

Over the last couple of years, big data has become popular and is being leveraged in various industries. This includes marketing, e-commerce, and information technology. No wonder we see companies that provide business intelligence services pop up here and there. That’s because big data allows you to make informed decisions. It also comes in handy…

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guide track buyer intent

The Ultimate Guide to Leveraging Data to Track Buyer Intent

Imagine you’re the pilot of an old wooden fishing boat. Some days you go out and catch netfuls, other days you go hungry. It all depends on the fish swimming into your net. This might seem irrelevant to a modern-day business, but actually, this is still a common approach to finding customers – at least,…

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pivot sales strategies

When to Pivot Sales Strategies And How to Do it

The best answer to when you should pivot your sale strategy is when it becomes necessary. As to how to do it, pivoting requires careful planning and deliberate execution. Many entrepreneurs and business managers believe pivoting involves drastically shifting the direction of the company as a whole. However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, the…

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