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Data Management Agile Organization

How to Manage Data Within an Agile Organization

Good data governance makes quality information timely available throughout the lifecycle of the organization. This should include aspects of availability, usability, consistency, data integrity, and data security. Governance should, however, adapt data processes to the needs of the parent agile organization. That said, effective data management does not exist outside the rest of the IT…

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Key Insights From Accounting Platforms

Key Insights Your Accounting Platform Gives You

Small business owners need real data in order to make the smartest decisions. Passionate ideas and creative strategies are great, but without numerical insights to guide decision-making, you could end up closing your doors and not knowing why. Accounting gets quite a dull rap in the business world, but it’s more than just bean counting.…

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Automate Customer Onboarding Process

Automate & Optimize Your User Onboarding Process

Automating your processes(1) can help drive down costs, boost success rate, and increase the efficiency of the workflows in your business. In this post, I’ll break down every step along the way to setting up an integration between Process Street and ClicData, using the client onboarding process as an example. The goal is to set…

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Keys to Become a Successful Customer Success Manager

Their job is to provide customers with the best possible experience with the company’s product or service, ultimately leading to improved customer retention, loyalty, and growth. The role has become more vital than ever. One recent study, based on data from LinkedIn, found that approximately a full one third of jobs for Customer Success Manager…

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What's Our Secret Sauce?

We have 7! 100% Cloud You may hear our competitors spend their customer’s money on advertising that they are cloud only to find out that your are about to install a 120 MB file on your Windows machine that you had to buy or install Bootcamp because Macbook Pro’s don’t run Windows apps. Think I…

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The Problem With Company Manifestos

I have personally experienced growth in smaller companies where going past 5/6 employees was a challenge, again at 12 and again at 20 and 50. I imagine that there are certain “saturation” points where the mechanics of a company is not right for a certain number of people to work together. The Challenges of Growth…

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When’s the Right Time for Startups to Take the BI Plunge?

It’s estimated that up to 50 million companies around the world use Google Analytics to help them grow their businesses. It’s a no-brainer why that’s so: Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool that helps businesses of all sizes begin to capture their website traffic data, measure the effectiveness of online campaigns, and learn…

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BI for Small Business: Getting Your Data to Work for You

For decades now, business intelligence—the strategies and technologies that organizations use to analyze and understand their data—has long been considered the domain of big business. While the technological advances of BI tools have allowed large organizations to leap forward in profitability and market responsiveness, most smaller organizations have sat by, often assuming that BI solutions…

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Recurring Revenue

Recurring revenue over a long period of time is difficult to track mostly because it is registered only once at a single point in time but that amount needs to be amortized over a certain period of time (the length of the subscription or service) and at some point in time removed from the calculation,…

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Dear ClicData Business Angels

800 000 Euros to support ClicData’s growth this year! ClicData has just finalized a round of 800 000 Euros to ensure that more and more businesses around the world take advantage of our Business Dashboards Solution. Launched in early 2015, we have already brought happy dashboarding to thousands of users in large and small companies.…

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