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Discover tips that would help Project Managers manage and monitor projects and boost performance company-wide. These tips will help you get better project reporting.

Death Of 3rd Party Cookies: What Retailers Need To Know

data and analytics team working

Creating a World-Class Data And Analytics Team For Your Company – A How-to Guide

If you don’t have good data driving your business strategy, you won’t complete the important things. Instead, you’ll chase business goals that might no longer be relevant in an ever-changing market. But a data analytics team is a huge investment. Not only is that talent going to demand a high salary, but the whole effort…

10 kpi project management

10 KPIs for Project Managers and Why They Matter

A key performance indicator (KPI) is a quantifiable metric that helps the project manager (PM) determine overall project performance and its alignment with organizational objectives. Success in a project is defined within predetermined budgets, timelines, scope, and quality levels. While the Project Manager is engrossed in efforts to deliver a project on time and within…

Tip For Remote Project Management

6 Tips for Remote Project Managers

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly half of workers (49%) said they’d never worked from home, according to a survey from Wrike. Another 23% reported only working from home during exceptional circumstances. For this reason, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many teams suddenly found themselves working from home for the first time and scrambling to modify…

Project Reporting Airtable Integration Clicdata

Airtable & ClicData For Better Project Reporting

Airtable is a powerful collaboration tool for sales, marketing, product, project, and engineering teams. It offers a wide variety of templates to manage your daily tasks and streamline your internal processes. Now, you can integrate Airtable with ClicData, a business intelligence platform for virtually any industry, to build reports and interactive dashboards that help you…

PMP Concepts Small Projects

Are The PMP Concepts Applicable To Smaller-Scale Projects?

The PMI institute, through the PMBOK® (The Project Management Body of Knowledge) Guide book, gives us a fundamental resource for effective project management in any industry. They also provide great advice on how to tailor down the concepts to your project, team, industry. In my opinion, this book is a powerful tool that provides a detailed…

Blog Tracking Project Resources For Success

Tracking Project Resources for Greater Success

Every business has a finite number of resources available to work toward the completion of projects. These resources include people, materials, expertise, and time, and they all require extreme care of management to achieve the greatest level of efficiency. The crux of effective resource management is the resource allocation plan. This plan should help you…

4 Keys to Optimize Project Management Dashboards

The greatest invention since sliced bread just might be dashboards for project management. They can give you a quick overview of a range of information concerning a collection of projects that you have underway. They can help you manage and drive tasks in simpler, more streamlined ways. And they provide you with clear data visualization…

Project Management = Time Management

One of the most significant aspects of project management is managing your (and others’) time to keep projects on track, minimize delays, reduce the derail factor and deliver on time to satisfied managers and clients. Here are some of the most valuable tactics for managing time effectively and looking like a hero: No task is…

The dangers of ill-defined projects

Does everyone know where you’re going? Project management is all about getting from Point A to Point Z, right? But does everyone on your team know where that is and how to get there? Not surprisingly, many projects slow down and stumble due to lack of clear definitions of objectives, goals, and desired outcomes. This…

Time and Money: Key Strategies to Improve Project Management

While there are many ways to address the innumerable performance metrics of any project, the critical factors always seem to come down to time and money. Will the project be delivered on time? Will it be completed within budgetary constraints and expectations? Stay on top of these essential parameters in your project management dashboards.

Beyond Excel: Better Product Management

Do you find yourself lost in day-to-day activities that soak up your time and derail your good intentions and goals for the day?

Welcome to product management. The reality is that there will always be a range of activities that eat up your time. But even in the thick of product development, a few key strategies will help you be more effective.

Managing IT Projects – Always a challenge

A successful project is defined by 3 dimensions:  time, cost and quality. It is documented that 60% of IT projects don’t satisfy one or more of these terms (IBM statistics). So, what makes the IT projects have such a high rate of failure? What we should be aware of? The traditional way of managing a…