7 Ways To Leave Customers Completely Satisfied

7 Ways to Leave Your Customers Completely Satisfied

Customer satisfaction is tricky, isn’t it? It’s almost like a tightrope walk. If you lean too far in either direction, you’ll surely fail. Some businesses will struggle when they refuse to bend to any of a customer’s demands, others will struggle when they cave to all of them. As 2020 tragically shook up the status…

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Upgrade Email Marketing Content

7 Tips to Help You Effectively Upgrade Your Email Marketing Content

When you think of any content upgrade, you think of a bonus that you can offer to your subscribers. If your page visitors agree to leave their email addresses for further communication, you can reward them with a content upgrade. This will not only improve your own email marketing strategy but it will also improve…

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Social Media Marketing Big Data Machine Learning

Social Media Marketing: Be Smarter By Using Machine Learning

Social media marketing is now a must in the advertising strategies of almost every small, medium, and big company in the world. Whenever a new social platform emerges, it provides brands with new opportunities to increase their brand awareness. The pace, size, and variety of advertising techniques on social networks are so huge that companies…

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Link Building Trends Seo

3 of the Best Link-Building Tactics for 2021 (With Examples)

Link-building tactics. Why do you need to know them? Because, like it or not, link-building is a cornerstone of SEO. It gets a lot of flak for the amount of work it entails, but it still remains an essential Google ranking factor. Need evidence? Backlinko analyzed 11 million+ pages and found that the higher-ranked sites…

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Measure Communicate Marketing Results

Marketing Results: How to Efficiently Measure And Communicate Them

Marketing can be scary – you’re expected to come up with ideas to impress people you’ve never met and sell them your product or service?  Fortunately, there are ways to ensure your success, so you know all your planning, sweat, and tears will pay off. And when you keep track of metrics, you can show…

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Customer Behavior Analysis

How to Improve Your ROI Through Customer Behavior Analysis

The customer is always right. It’s the business motto that’s been around since the early 1900s and still proves true today.  The only difference now is our customer base is wide-ranging, which makes it tough to keep up with demand.  Simply relying on customer profiles is no longer enough. Just because you sell to doctors…

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Machine Learning Product Targeting

How Machine Learning Can Be Used for Real-Time Product Targeting

For many years, product targeting has been practiced in the online world. Customers are targeted with products based on their preferences and history. As technology advanced, so did product targeting.  From displaying the static product recommendations as a part of the shopping process to predictive analysis of every shopper action in real-time and then targeting…

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Email Marketing Automation

10 Effective Email Marketing Automation Workflows

Email marketing is one of the most profitable channels for marketing your business today. According to a recent article published by HubSpot on email marketing stats: “[…] email generates $38 for every $1 spent, which is an astounding 3,800% ROI, making it one of the most effective options available.” While newsletters and special campaigns will always…

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Customer Journey Data Analysis

How to Make Smart Decisions Based on Customer Journey Data Analysis

Customer journey data is a big business. In today’s market, customers are interacting with companies across many channels daily. Single touchpoint analytics fail to illustrate customer interactions in full. This has made way for a new kid on the block.  To combat this problem, businesses should analyze the whole customer journey. Integrate segmented data to…

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Copywriting Tips For More Conversions

7 Copywriting Tips To Improve Your Landing Pages Conversions

With a blog article, a visitor reading, and liking it may be enough. But landing page copywriting is different; it demands conversion. This requirement makes it a tad frustrating when a web visitor clicks to your landing page, scrolls through, and clicks away without taking the desired action. What would you do in this situation?…

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Seo Mistakes And How To Fix

7 Common SEO Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Optimizing to rank on Google’s first page is one of the marketing objectives of some brands. While some know the hacks to get it done, others rely on outdated tricks that rarely work for them. Even those that know the hack still make some mistakes that hurt their search engine optimization strategy. They do a…

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How To Make Sure Sponsored Content Generates Revenue

Print media and display advertising is a thing of the past. The “product-first” traditional forms of online advertisements are also flying under the radar. Consumers are constantly bombarded with commercials everywhere they go, so they’ve developed banner blindness – the phenomenon of ignoring anything that looks or sounds like another advertisement. Sponsored content is a…

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Remarketing Tactics To Improve Conversions

6 Remarketing Strategies That Can Improve Conversions

Online retail offers consumers a lot of benefits: easier accessibility, expanded choice, and better value for money. But the fact that you’ve got an online retail outlet doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to generate purchases or to get customers coming back to you again and again. This is where remarketing comes in. In this post, we’ll…

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how to increase your content marketing ROI

3 Tips to Increase Your Content Marketing ROI

We all know that content marketing works. However, content marketing ROI is still a gray area for 43% of marketers, according to a Content Marketing Institute (CMI) survey. These respondents said their content marketing ROI was average to poor. This is bad news for marketers and brands. Creating and marketing content requires a lot of…

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7 Tips To Improve Click Through Rate And Leads

7 Tips That Will Increase Email Click-Through Rate And Improve Leads

It can be hard trying to stand out in a world where most communications are electronic. Especially for businesses reaching out to new leads. It’s sort of like a celebrity charity single where everyone is trying to out-sing each other. But we can help you outshine (or sing) your competitors. Emails are a fantastic way…

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