woman looking at a marketing email in a retail store

A Complete Guide to Email Marketing for Retailers in 2022 & Beyond

Email marketing is like a wardrobe staple (think white t-shirts and sensible dress shoes) that not even the most fashionable marketers can shun completely. With its formidable ROI and targeting capabilities, it can help you step up your overall marketing game.  But you can’t just go around treating your emails like the digital equivalent of…

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happy woman with shoppings bags in her hands in front of a store benefiting from omnichannel best practices

9 Best Practices For Omnichannel Retail Your Customers Will Love

If you work in retail, then you know how important omnichannel retail is to your business growth. Not only is the modern customer tech-savvy, but they also use multiple channels to strike any business deal. They depend on mobile devices to compare products and services online. They want customized experiences that are also consistent and…

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influencer marketing metrics to add dashboard

8 Key Influencer Marketing Metrics That Should be in Your Dashboard

Influencer marketing is the go-to advertisement option for several brands. There are no surprises here, considering it’s a flexible, low-cost digital marketing option that gives businesses access to an engaged audience. It also boasts a huge potential to increase brand reach and generate new creative content.  A recent report from SocialPubli indicates that 93% of…

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predict customers next move

How Can You Predict Your Customer’s Next Move?

Modern-day customers are tech-savvy and demand a personalized experience to commit to a brand. As a result, businesses strive, with each campaign, to use data for the purpose of content personalization. However, their efforts at building a loyal customer base often fall short. As businesses are locked in an intense game of three-party chess with…

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return on investment marketing roi

7 sure-fire ways to demonstrate marketing ROI to your agency’s clients

Businesses spend a considerable chunk of their budgets on marketing campaigns, hoping to see results as soon as possible. Most use the marketing ROI an agency brings in to consider whether they will keep working with them.  This makes your core responsibility as a marketing agency to keep your clients happy by ensuring they get…

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3 ways of using data to enhance customer experience

3 Ways of Using Data to Enhance Customer Experience (CX)

The number of marketing strategies that can help your business grow its customer base and achieve success is overwhelming. You may be uncertain about the means you should prioritize: competitor analysis, newest trends, or SEO research? All these are important sources of information, but the most valuable insights come straight from your customers. Processing data…

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calculating facebook ads roi

Calculating your Facebook Ads ROI For Ecommerce with ClicData

Facebook is the largest social media site globally, making Facebook Ads a powerful marketing tool for your products. With almost 3 billion registered users, Facebook lets you interact with customers, build your brand identity, run ads, and increase your reach.  As an intuitive and easy-to-use platform, Facebook readily meets the needs of small firms and big…

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clicdata hubspot integration

Use ClicData and HubSpot for Custom Sales & Marketing Reporting

Less than two years after reaching 500 integrations, HubSpot announced that its App Marketplace is now home to over 1,000 integrations. Each integration is a tool that is designed to help customers better use HubSpot to improve their marketing, sales, services, and more. HubSpot and each of its integration partners is dedicated to helping clients…

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Mobile marketing KPI

Why mobile marketing matters so much

Wherever you are, take a quick look around. If you find people, you’ll also find smartphones. And on those smartphones, people are frequenting search engines such as Google and social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to find the right brands to buy from. In a nutshell, there’s your answer! The data doesn’t deceive,…

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voice of customers data marketing

Email Marketing: How to Use Voice-of-Customer Data to Your Advantage

Want to improve your email marketing? Voice-of-customer (VoC) data can help in a big way.  By gathering feedback directly from your customers, you’re able to pinpoint the exact problems, obstacles, and outcomes your customers want you to address in your emails. You can even uncover what language you should use to make your copy more…

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budget time

Budget Time? Sell Yours With These 7 Tips

ClicData has been helping marketing managers and leaders make decisions critical to their business success for many years. And budget time is an especially critical time when optimal decisions need to be made as efficiently as possible. But planning and budgeting marketing strategies come with a unique challenge. To prepare, strategize, and plan for the…

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future of fitness

Future of Fitness: Manage Business Better with Data Analytics

It’s no secret that fitness businesses have felt the squeeze since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The health and fitness industry lost $13.9 billion in the US alone from March 15 to August 31, 2021. Naturally, many clubs have needed to redesign their operations to cope with COVID-19. For many businesses, this has meant…

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bi help with your crm data and grow your sales

How BI Can Help with Your CRM Data Analysis and Grow Your Sales

Making tough business decisions isn’t always easy, but it helps to have the correct data to validate each move you make. Two valuable data sources are your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and BI (Business Intelligence).      By connecting your CRM data to your business intelligence platform, you will be able to: Analyze data to make more…

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nps cover

How to leverage your NPS to improve customer retention

Here’s an age-old question for you: is it cheaper for your business to attract a new customer or win back the business of an old one? If you guessed that it’s cheaper to retain a customer, you’d be right.  On average, it costs 6-7 times less to win repeat business from a loyal customer than…

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