Must-Have White-Label Reporting Features for Marketing Agencies

business meeting and a man showing a dashboard

Customers expect more than pretty campaigns. They need data, coherent reports with a global view, and a precise ROI. That’s why marketing agencies need a solid BI (Business Intelligence) tool. Client reporting is crucial in running a successful digital marketing campaign. Marketing agencies use many tools like emailing, Google Ads, Business Manager, and Tiktok Ads.…

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How To Expand Your Marketing Team With No Extra Cost

In a world where we’re constantly being asked to do more with less, it’s understandable that the title of this blog has caught your attention. But don’t worry, it’s not clickbait – this article is going to outline just how you can expand your team at no extra cost.   Sales and marketing alignment isn’t a…

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Sales & Marketing Alignment: Navigating the Who, What, When & How

blog sales marketing alignment navigating who what when how

Sales and marketing alignment is about teamwork and breaking down barriers. It’s shifting from “Us VS Them” to “We’re in this together.” Once you adopt this mindset, you need to establish processes and agreed ways of working.  By creating a clear structure for collaboration, you reduce confusion, avoid duplication, and boost efficiency. It’s like having…

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Making the switch from UA to GA4 with ClicData: A Simple Guide

moving from ua to ga4 with clicdata for a smooth transition

Universal Analytics (UA) will be discontinued by Google on July 1, 2023. This means your UA properties will stop gathering new data. So, if you haven’t migrated to Google Analytics 4, now is the time! After migration, there are a few work items to go through in your ClicData account using Google Analytics 4 data.…

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4 Simple Steps to Customer Obsession

customer obsession from 4 simple steps to customer obsession

Customer obsession. No, it’s not about buying t-shirts with your favourite customer’s face on it, or turning up to their am-dram performances. It’s something a little bit more complex, and far more effective, than that. It’s the idea of changing every facet of your company into focusing on an improved customer experience, which leads to…

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AI Marketing: The Game of Personalisation vs Privacy 

blog ai marketing personalization versus privacy

AI, AI. Everyone’s talking about AI. Even AI’s talking about AI. But it’s for a good reason.   This year, artificial intelligence has completely transformed how marketers and customer service professionals approach consumers, and pretty much every aspect of their businesses.   In a game which values personalisation, AI’s ability to process millions, and possibly billions, of…

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Humans Vs Robots: Is Ethical Retail Marketing Possible With AI? 

blog ethical retail marketing possible with ai

It’s an age-old question. When the robot revolution happens will humans be replaced? Will every job be automated? Will society be changed forever? Okay, maybe it’s a little less dramatic than that.   But with the rapid growth of advanced technologies such as AI, marketers are asking the big questions: how much technology should we be…

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Increase campaign ROI with data reporting

blog increase campaign roi with data analytics

Marketers waste an average of 31% of their budget, equivalent to £1.6m, due to poor data optimisation. And with the demand for ROI higher than ever, it’s getting increasingly difficult to justify marketing budgets. Tracking ROI can be complex at the best of times, but especially if you work with multiple channels for lead generation.…

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Death Of 3rd Party Cookies: What Retailers Need To Know

blog death third party cookies

By 2024, Google said it would phase away third-party cookies in Chrome as part of its “path towards a more privacy-first web.” It is a piece of their more significant Privacy Sandbox effort, which was introduced in 2019 and has sparked speculation about the future of online advertising among firms.  Online retailers’ marketing teams utilise…

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How to Create a Data-Driven Lead-Generation Strategy

blog data driven lead gen strategy

In an ideal world, your lead pipeline would always be full, But in reality, 63% of marketers consider lead generation their biggest challenge.  Digital marketing is here to stay and more and more players are fishing in the same pond.Let’s face it: finding good leads is getting more complicated than ever. It’s time-consuming, with little…

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The Impact of Customer Centricity in 2023

customer centricity

Customer satisfaction plays a critical role in business profitability. According to a CallMiner report, businesses in the US lose around $35 billion annually due to poor customer experience. Another survey revealed that 86% of customers would leave a brand after two poor experiences. Such data has pushed businesses to consider the impact of customer-centricity in…

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7 Powerful report dashboards for digital marketing agencies  

blog report dashboards for digital agencies

The birth of the digital marketing agency gave the illusion that FINALLY the value of marketing could be proved with the magic of data and technology. Unfortunately, the reality for many agencies is to drown in unconnected data from multiple marketing channels and client systems. Many hours are wasted manually building reports, only for a…

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