Key-Performance Indicators (KPI)

Business KPIs – What's The Key, The Performance and The Indicator?

Here are some actual replies from friends and colleagues when I asked them to quickly provide a real Marion Webster-like definition of “Key Performance Indicator”; here are the answers to that question. “The sales & marketing metrics used to track progress.” … Frank, Dir of Sales, Telephony Company “What Management Tracks to cover their ass,…

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Get The Most Out Of Dashboard Kpis

How To Get the Most out of Your Dashboard KPIs

One of the greatest advances in business management is the presence of BI dashboards to display business performance metrics at a glance, and often in real time. Dashboards are a versatile, mobile, and visual method to convey the KPIs—key performance indicators—that organizations can use to monitor their progress towards achieving business objectives on a variety…

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