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A Year in the Mac…

Let me start by saying that I have been a MacBook Pro user for the last 5 years but the first 4 I was using it as a Windows machine on Bootcamp. Why you may ask? Well, all of our development is in .NET, I am a Windows user since DOS 😉 and the MacBook…

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2D but not 3D: Choosing your Presentation Visuals

When you decide you want to present data, visualization is important. Simplicity is a concept that is often forgotten because of the technology that is available to us. There is the decision to use 2D or 3D visualization, and often 3D wins because it “looks cool.” Just because it looks cool does not mean that…

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Back On Black: Making Dashboards And Reports Stand Out

The trend is back on black for dashboards and reports. White is very common and the problem is that our brains associate white with no information. As a result, it can cause people to scan beyond what’s actually there and miss out on a lot of content. Black backgrounds are gaining in popularity, but there…

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Fundamentals of Data Visualization

Organizations are beginning to lean on data visualization tools more frequently as they discover the tremendous advantage it has over narrative text to compare, analyze and report on actionable insights and performance metrics. But how do you best communicate the import of those insights and how they fit in to the overall scheme of business…

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How’s Your Image?

If a picture is worth a thousand words then how many images are needed to represent 2.5 quintillion bytes? That’s the number of bytes of data that IBM estimates is created around the planet every day. Short answer? A whole bunch. Data can tell a varied and complicated story as it reports on historical progress…

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The dangers of ill-defined projects

Does everyone know where you’re going? Project management is all about getting from Point A to Point Z, right? But does everyone on your team know where that is and how to get there? Not surprisingly, many projects slow down and stumble due to lack of clear definitions of objectives, goals, and desired outcomes. This…

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Data Visualization: A Key Component to the Drug Discovery Process

As innovative approaches to drug discovery are explored in this modern age, innovative strategies for the technology that supports those approaches, especially in the area of information visualization, are becoming essential. This is the topic of a chapter written by ClicData’s own CEO, Telmo Silva of a newly published book, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology in…

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“The Love Boat” never gets old!

Hi there!

Since it’s the holiday season and some of us already traveled in July while other will enjoy a break in August, we thought we would pick a vacation theme for a fun dashboard. Get this, seriously validated analytics about the cruise market!

Worldwide, the cruise industry had an annual passenger compound growth….

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Ice Cream & Dashboards

To open the summer season, we have decided to look into the ice cream eating habits mmmmmh ! Make sure to read this fun dashboard blog as you are close to an ice cream supply facility especially if the weather is hot wherever you are 😉 Our little survey here is not international, as it…

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Roland-Garros Winners

Hi There! While working a lot on bringing you new features for ClicData i4, we found some time to watch… hum, work on a dashboard about Roland-Garros! So let’s have a closer look from what at the French Open winners! Congratulations Spain,it looks like Nadal is pulling you very high on this chart! Let’s see…

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Cannes Film Festival

This week, we will take you to the movies and entertain you with key facts about one of the fanciest festival ever. Welcome to Cannes! Fancy means popular, last year over 200,000 visitors, professionals and fans took a walk on the Croisette to support their favorite movie while about a million of tweets commented on…

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SME election concerns revealed

Today is the UK General Election and, during the build up, we fielded research to find out more about what issues were the main concerns of UK businesses. Our findings revealed that as many as 41% of SMEs have concerns over the outcome of the election, with pensions, flexible working legislation and changes to the…

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How much are YOU ready to spend during this holiday season?

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas season, nowadays they are synonyms of big spending in stores and increased business in most of the world, as well as shopping records broken! Let’s look at the e-commerce sales numbers from this year in the USA and how it kicked off the holiday seasons for retailers through one of…

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