When Did Wikipedia Become Evil?

Recently I have been thinking about how most tech companies, especially with a monopoly around a technology or communication channel just simply become evil by allowing themselves to be a platform for those that have more money or power rather than the utopian vision that many of us had of the internet as a level playing…

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Tableau Looker Acquisition

Tableau & Looker Got Acquired For Big Money. Now What?

In the world of Business Intelligence, big news travel fast and the acquisition of Tableau by Salesforce and Looker by Google was BIG news! For some these types of transactions generate apprehension and fear, for others, it raises hopes and excitement. Apprehension and fear because sometimes these acquisitions are made simply to acquire technology or…

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Boost Presales Meetings Dashboards

Boost Your Pre-Sales Meetings with Stunning Dashboards

The effectiveness of pre-sales meetings can go a long way to advance the success of a sale, depending upon a number of factors. Using dashboards in pre-sales meetings can provide clarity and focus of your sales message and be a valuable tool to lead potential customers through the story of the sale. Whether you’re an…

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Fast and Clean – Firefox Quantum

Firefox version 57 “Quantum” is the newest version of Firefox boasting a huge performance increase and also importantly a lower memory usage compared to other browsers. Chrome has served us well and so has Internet Explorer. Opera is still good and Safari always looks very nice too. But I am enjoying Firefox a lot more…

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Top 3 Data Visualization Types Preferred by Business People

As more and more businesses become data-centric, so have their communication style. Businesses have embraced data, yet there is so much of it, flowing in at such a fast pace, that it’s extremely hard to digest without intuitive pictures, charts and call-outs. This onslaught of data has transformed visualization tools from a nice-to-have, to a…

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3 Ways Healthcare Dashboards Can Boost Your Profit Margin

Today’s healthcare facilities produce a staggering amount of data from various systems such as electronic medical record systems (EMR/EHR), patient administration systems, clinical decision support systems (CDSS), human resources, financial systems, insurance systems, government agencies and more. That trend is only expected to accelerate. If you’re struggling to meet operational and profitability goals, rest assured,…

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