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Monitoring your financial performance is key to ensuring your business’ success. Discover actionable tips to improve your financial reporting!

AI is the hot topic, but RPA is the real deal for SMEs

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How Financial Departments and Consultants Use Business Intelligence Analytics

Financial departments and consultants can use business intelligence systems to collect, refine, and analyze financial and operational data to develop valuable business insights. Given the vast amount of shareable data that businesses interact with on a daily basis, automation augments decision-making and offers a better outlook for business performance. This guide explores how financial departments…

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7 Data Challenges in Financial Services and How to Overcome Them with BI

On average, financial companies analyze just 24 percent of big data collected. That means 76 percent of potentially valuable data plus the resources used to capture, manage, and store it get wasted, which is a significant loss. The incapacity to harness the full potential of data collected results from several manageable challenges like using outdated…

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How To Make A Simple Financial Report

Financial reporting does not have to be a painful process! In most companies, even the most basic financial KPIs can be quite difficult not only to create but also to maintain in order to ensure that everyone is working with the most updated numbers. In other cases, these 2 steps actually work well and it’s…