Blog Inside Story Tech Startup

The Inside Story of a Tech Startup

Startups have long been a hot topic of conversation. Discussions usually waste no time zooming in on the possibility of stakeholders gaining enough equity with the new company to eventually turn it into hard cash. But while many believe that the potential of a big payday is what draws people to work for a startup,…

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Blog Mistakes To Avoid Customer Service Performance

Evaluate Your Customer Service Performance: 7 Mistakes to Avoid

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have begun to embrace the power of measurement in everything from marketing campaigns to recruitment initiatives in recent years. Leveraging tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager or through CRMs, CMOs, CFOs, and HR heads can quantify how well they are doing at their job.  However, measuring the success of…

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Need Data Coach

Looking For Your Personal Data Coach?

Data management can be tricky especially as data volume increases and data formats are more and more diverse. Today I’m going to tell you more about our customers’ profiles. As we illustrate their data challenges with testimonials, you may recognize yourself in one of them and have a chance to learn from their experience. In…

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Change Management For Everyone

Change Management is for Everyone Else

As a founder and CEO of an international software company, I have often fallen into the trap of needing to tell people, “Do as I say, not do as I do.” It happens, I admit it. There have also been times where my stubbornness and “old ways” seem to have gotten in the way of…

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Blog What Happened In Tech 2019

How Relevant was 2019 in Tech? Very.

Now that 2019 is coming to a close, you can count on the inevitability of three things happening: You will tell someone that you can’t believe how fast 2019 flew by. You won’t be able to get past the homepage of your favorite news or entertainment website without seeing a “Top Something of 2019” You…

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Blog Le Tableau Francais

Le Tableau Français?

Le Slip Français. Le Rouge Français. L’Appartement Français. Many French companies are choosing to emphasize their French origins by mention it in their brand name. Is it a good idea? Is it beneficial? Should ClicData consider doing so as well? Let’s examine the benefits of riding this fashionable wave and try to apply it to…

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What Comes After Ai

What Comes After AI?

The progress in tech’s ability to develop algorithms that can learn and adapt is staggering. Some say that due to the immense computational power available to not only programmers and data scientists, but mathematicians, biologists, and even philosophers, teachers, and non-academical people, that Machine Learning has been democratized and expanded and Artificial Intelligence has grown…

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How Much Data Is Too Much Data For Organization

How Much Data Is Too Much Data For Your Organization?

With access to unprecedented volumes of data, organizations can perform endless analyses and get innumerable insights to base decisions on. But at some point, it’s valuable to step back and consider whether having so much data is serving the needs of your organization or costing you in ways that you’re not recognizing. Here are three…

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Blog Multitasking

You Aren’t So Great at Multitasking – And Neither Am I.

The first use of the term “multitasking” occurred in 1965 by IBM when they described the capabilities of the IBM System/360. (While it may have also been the beginning of Skynet, I’ll save that discussion for another blog at another time.) Probably everyone you know—and many more that you don’t know—have at one time or…

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Ftp Or Cloud Storage Blog Post

Which is Better For Data Exchange? FTP or Cloud Storage?

The need to transfer data from one machine to another for processing has been around for a long time. Believe it or not, even before the internet was born—before API, web services, service buses, and even before FTP evolved—data transfer was being done, with the help of some fairly archaic methods. (Some are still in…

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Turn Your Data Into Information

How To Turn Your Data Into Information

At ClicData we try to keep things simple. Like many others, we do frequently use terms such as metrics, measures, dimensions, and facts, but we find that there can be a vast difference in their meaning from one person to the next. We hold a vision to make the field of data information analysis and…

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Blog Saas Not Collaboration

So Much SaaS, But Not So Much Collaboration

There’s a lot of SaaS going on. According to tech journalist Barry Levine, business employees use an average of eight SaaS applications regularly. Companies with up to 50 employees work with about 40 SaaS applications. And those with 1000+ employees have over 200 in use. Business spending on SaaS applications started to boom in 2014.…

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Logging User Activity For Better Performance

Logging User Activity for a Better Experience

The use of logs in any application is typically centered around logging usage and behavior, unexpected application events, performance issues, failures or security alerts. At ClicData we use logs extensively to monitor outliers, increase in activity, increase in errors, and hundreds of processes that take place every second. Typically the documents or tables storing these…

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Experts Sites Are Experts But At What

Expert Review Sites Are Experts, But At What?

Being the Vice President of Sales for a SaaS company exposes me to many things, one of them being review software review sites, like Capterra, G2Crowd, GetApp, Software Advice, Appvizer, and more. According to the sites themselves, their purpose is to provide the means to “discover the best app to grow your business.” They tell…

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