Business Intelligence Ecommerce Not Just For Large Businesses

Business Intelligence in Ecommerce: Not Just For Large Businesses

Did you know that more than sixty percent of the world population has access to the internet?  According to Broadband Search, 4.79 billion people worldwide use the internet on a regular basis.  It has changed the way we order dinner, buy pet food, access entertainment, and, yes, even the way we look at business data. …

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Business Intelligence Helps Businesses Trying Times

How BI Helps Businesses in Trying Times

In just a matter of months, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit millions of businesses in more than 200 countries very hard. The vast majority of organizations have experienced significant declines in sales and revenue, and small businesses—which typically have less of a financial cushion—are struggling more than ever. Many are hemorrhaging money as a result…

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Secret To Successful Remote Communication

Secrets to Successful Live Remote Meetings

Part 1 of a 4-Part Series on Effective Remote Business Communications It was the early 1800s when Christopher North first penned the phrase, “His Majesty’s dominions, on which the sun never sets,” which he later revised to the more user-friendly and more quoted, “The sun never sets on the British Empire.” North, of course, was…

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Power BI ClicData Product Comparison

Microsoft Power BI & ClicData: Product Comparison

If you’ve worked with us at ClicData, you know that, above all, it’s important to us to be very transparent—about what our platform does and doesn’t do, and about our pricing, our services, and our vision. As always, our goal is to provide a data analytics and reporting tool to help businesses worldwide manage their…

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Blog Business Intelligence Universities

Using Business Intelligence in Higher Education

When I’m not at ClicData, I teach Digital Marketing in an international business school and like many other teachers, I often wonder about ways to leverage technology to keep my students entertained. This series of articles will explore 2 of the great challenges which every university and school has to face: how to drive attention…

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Structured Approach Business Intelligence

Taking a Structured Approach to Your BI Project

There have been drastic changes to how companies perceive data over the past few years. The sheer volume of data that’s available from multiple applications, the speed that it gets processed, and the variety of data that is available for consumption, have combined to create an overwhelming scenario for most companies. At the same time,…

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How To Become Bi Ready

3 Questions to Become Business Intelligence Ready

Managers and organizational chiefs know that their company data has a story to tell. Non-profits, academia, and businesses alike care about the success of their organizations and ultimately want them to meet their goals. That desire to reach their objectives and accomplish their business goals as effectively as possible drives the impulse to upgrade reporting…

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Hire Technical Marketing Manager

Why You Should Hire a 10x Marketing Manager at Your Startup

When I first heard people talking about 1x, 3x, and 10x software developers, it was a few years ago at a senior management meeting. The idea was that some developers can be ten times more productive than others, and there has since been a lot of debate about it. But regardless of one’s opinion about…

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Align Entire Company On Single Version Of Truth

How to Align An Entire Company on a Single Source of Truth

The biggest challenge you have isn’t a lack of data. It’s which data you need to pay attention to. You have different sets of data, and you need to make business decisions, fast.  They conflict with each other, so it’s hard to trust any of them. When was this data collected? What tools were used…

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Blog Illiteracy Innumeracy Illogicality

Illiteracy, Innumeracy & Illogicality

During my first year in engineering at the University of Toronto, I participated in an initiation week (Frosh Week) that involved many interesting activities, including a mock exam. My classmates and I sat in a large auditorium and were given a test that was borderline impossible for most of us. But it did contain a…

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Blog Inside Story Tech Startup

The Inside Story of a Tech Startup

Startups have long been a hot topic of conversation. Discussions usually waste no time zooming in on the possibility of stakeholders gaining enough equity with the new company to eventually turn it into hard cash. But while many believe that the potential of a big payday is what draws people to work for a startup,…

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Blog Mistakes To Avoid Customer Service Performance

Evaluate Your Customer Service Performance: 7 Mistakes to Avoid

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have begun to embrace the power of measurement in everything from marketing campaigns to recruitment initiatives in recent years. Leveraging tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager or through CRMs, CMOs, CFOs, and HR heads can quantify how well they are doing at their job.  However, measuring the success of…

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Need Data Coach

Looking For Your Personal Data Coach?

Data management can be tricky especially as data volume increases and data formats are more and more diverse. Today I’m going to tell you more about our customers’ profiles. As we illustrate their data challenges with testimonials, you may recognize yourself in one of them and have a chance to learn from their experience. In…

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Change Management For Everyone

Change Management is for Everyone Else

As a founder and CEO of an international software company, I have often fallen into the trap of needing to tell people, “Do as I say, not do as I do.” It happens, I admit it. There have also been times where my stubbornness and “old ways” seem to have gotten in the way of…

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Blog What Happened In Tech 2019

How Relevant was 2019 in Tech? Very.

Now that 2019 is coming to a close, you can count on the inevitability of three things happening: You will tell someone that you can’t believe how fast 2019 flew by. You won’t be able to get past the homepage of your favorite news or entertainment website without seeing a “Top Something of 2019” You…

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