Data Management

It's a Bird…It's a Plane…It's Supermetrics!

With ClicData you can connect to over 200 data sources but even with that number of data connectors we know that there are some systems and data sets that we can’t connect to.  This will no longer be the case!  We now connect directly to the Supermetrics API. What is Supermetrics? Supermetrics is a tool…

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The Dark Side of Business Intelligence

A well implemented reporting processes and tools can be scary for some.  If your company reporting tool relies on Excels, PDFs and PowerPoints, then there is always an opportunity for you to “tweak” the results.  It’s not necessarily lying but rather an adjustment.  Just enough so that the line chart looks steeper, numbers are rounded up (or down), tables…

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Open Data Makes the World a Better Place

Open Data is the concept of a data set being made available for download or consumption without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control. There are many types of Open Data available such as financial, demographic, scientific, health, geographical, and sports related data. Open Data In Government By far the most advanced in the area…

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Blog True Value Data Warehouse

The True Value of a Business Data Warehouse

What if I told you that if you build a Data Warehouse you will increase the efficiency of your company saving you money and time? You heard it right. You can increase your efficiency, or rather, decrease mundane and worthless tasks that your team is doing in order to do reporting. What kind of reporting?…

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Using Dashboards to Arm Executives with Data that Matters

Data is your organization’s most prized asset. However, making data accessible—and actionable—to executives can be a challenge. If you’re like most organizations, you’re probably struggling with managing the sheer amount of your growing data, and all the complexities that come with it: structured versus unstructured data, a myriad of data sources, and lack of resources…

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Fusion Power!

As some of you have already experienced, ClicData has many powerful features to prepare data for efficient visualization: you can clean your data, merge data from different sources or transform your data for example by adding a calculated column, etc. One feature that our users requested is Data Fusion and I’d like to use this…

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