Preferred Dataviz By Business People

Top 3 Data Visualization Types Preferred by Business People

As more and more businesses become data-centric, so have their communication style. Businesses have embraced data, yet there is so much of it, flowing in at such a fast pace, that it’s extremely hard to digest without intuitive pictures, charts and call-outs. This onslaught of data has transformed visualization tools from a nice-to-have, to a…

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must have features bi tools

7 Must-Have Features in Your Business Intelligence Dashboard Tool

If the past three decades tell us anything, it’s that we’re indeed deep into the “Information Age.” Business intelligence and dashboard reporting tools are all the rage. Why? Because data is everywhere, coming from virtually everything. Around the clock connectivity and the Internet of Things (“IoT”) have digitally connected everything from cars and appliances to…

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Critical Components Marketing Dashboard

8 Critical Components of a Marketing Dashboard

You may think your marketing campaign is performing well, but how can you know for sure? And, how can you know that all your marketing efforts—social, digital, email, even PR—are working well together to move the dial on your business? It’s time to take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy. Key performance indicators, or…

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How Creating Business Dashboards Has Been Made Easy

Retaining an old dashboard gives you a hard time to cope with and keep up with the efficiency that the current environment demands. Don’t miss out on the benefits of new dashboards that are easy to understand, have a better layout and increase efficiency in businesses. Some of the ways to achieve this are: Dynamic…

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How can you select the right dashboard solution for your medical office?

If you manage a medical office, you may find yourself (and your staff) overwhelmed by the amount of data entry you perform on a daily basis. Although you likely have more computerized patient and treatment information than ever before, you may struggle when it comes to measuring the data you collect — let alone using…

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Visualize your company data with ClicData

This is the translation of a post from, a German blog about optimizing digital Analytics and online Marketing. Its Author, Danny Behne, is a digital consultant responsible for the development of SEO & Online marketing strategies for clients of mediaworx berlin AG. Data aggregation is a must for anyone who wishes to take full…

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What is the Role of Dashboards in Business Intelligence

This article is a contribution from our friends What is a dashboard in business and what is the role of dashboards in business intelligence? Executive Dashboards are platforms that offer a visual representation of your business organization’s real-time performance. They have gotten the name “dashboard” because they work similarly to car dashboards. Think of your…

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Essentials Of Marketing Dashboard

Essentials of Marketing Dashboards

Don’t let that pretty face fool you. Yup, I’m talking about dashboards, of course. And this time, I’m talking about how that beautiful digital exterior can be an incredible marketing tool to provide you and your clients with relevant, high-level information with easy-on-the-eyes visuals. Let’s start with the basics. A marketing dashboard lets you see…

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Good SaaS Finish Last? Jumpstart Your Dashboards with ClicData!

It seems that in the last several years, companies are on the prowl for software and processing systems that require less startup work. Data analysts are looking for ways to decrease their workload of manually building dashboards and syncing them with large amounts of data. In today’s business world, companies are not as concerned with…

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Achieving Business Efficiency with proper reporting

What’s your story? What is the driving factor (or factors) behind your sales? As a business you have multiple marketing efforts in action. You also introduce new ideas or programs that seem like great ideas and you hope they will provide positive results. What’s working? What is not? If you don’t know the answer to…

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What can online technologies bring to business dashboards?

It’s a pretty safe bet to say that most people who have used spreadsheets sat at least once to look at the financial growth of their company, and most likely through a solution provided by Microsoft. Tracking your financial KPI and making them right in this case require some (if not a lot of) knowledge about formulas…

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Dashboards Setup #4: Don’t keep them to yourself!

Dashboards are often focused on providing key metrics for upper-level management to keep a finger on the pulse of the performance of the business activities. But dashboards can be used to further advantage as a collaborative tool as well. There are times throughout the day or week that teams can benefit from reviewing project progress…

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5 Dashboards That Will Improve Your Business

There are all sorts of dashboards that can tell you more about your business. This allows you to be in the know without having to wait on long and drawn out reports that can take hours or even days to compile. Labor Dashboard Get a look at the labor costs in real-time. As everyone clocks…

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Part #3: Using Data Viz to Unleash the Power of KPIs

Hotter than hotcakes, the biggest buzz-phrase for the decade may just be Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. That’s because empowered by the quickening pace of digital marketing and Big Data, business leaders are learning to sort through the tangle of KPI options and make a quantum leap in organizational efficiency and effectiveness. KPIs: The Success…

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