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Team Security Folders ClicData

Enhanced Privacy Through a New Folder System in ClicData

Today, ClicData introduces a new system for Folder management. This new feature will allow for better security and privacy management and help users share data and dashboards in a more flexible way. Why the new system? After years of numerous and highly mediatized data breaches and security mishandling, Security and Privacy have become a major…

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Customize Dashboards Css

Customize Your ClicData Dashboards With Additional CSS

ClicData supports a wide range of customization on all of its widgets and dashboards which allows most users to make it look just the way they’d like. However, there are instances, for example matching a corporate style template, where you may want to take the customization a bit further than the widget settings will allow.…

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The Future Of Bi Clicdata

The Future of BI and ClicData 2019/2020

No surprise—big software companies reign.  Acquisition after acquisition, merger by merger, one by one, the big guys get bigger. All that seems to be left are those costly, old on-premises software or complex new “cloud” software. But there’s hope. Having secured loyal and knowledgeable customers, ClicData has established itself as the up and coming, next-generation,…

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Top 5 2019 Features Clicdata

ClicData 2019 Top 5 Features You Must Try

In 2019, ClicData released many unique features to expand its functional horizons while also accommodating the needs of end —with more to come. Out of the many cool features released this year, we have compiled the Top 5 Features of 2019 as we believe these features can increase the visual impact, effectiveness, and readability of…

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Blog Working With Cache Clicdata

How to Work With Cache Views On ClicData

ClicData provides the ability to extract, transform and load your data into the platform so that you can prepare the calculations for your dashboards.  Not a lot of technical knowledge is required since we provide visual capabilities of data manipulation.  However, there are a couple of advanced features and concepts that need to be mastered…

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Clicdata Versus Bime

To BIME Users Feeling Frustrated – ClicData Can Help

There was a time during which BIME analytics was often mentioned during my prospection calls, not only because we are both French but also because we were both considered as the right solution for powerful data visualization. Their brand awareness seems to have reached a peak when Zendesk showed up to make them part of…

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Data Models Optimization

Data Model Optimizations For Better Performances

Have you ever tried to make this Sales dashboard your CEO is raving about a bit faster to load? Did you ever wonder if you make the best usage of the multiple set-up options of your ClicData account? Maybe it’s time to start an optimization project, from the Data Model to Dashboard creation’s best practices.…

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Create Your SQL Dashboards with ClicData

As a widely used database type, SQL or MySQL is accessible to all ranges of businesses, from small enterprises to international corporations. I bet you use SQL too, maybe even without knowing it. SQL databases can be used directly within your company for sales data, financial data, logistics… but also by third-party applications, built on…

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What's Our Secret Sauce?

We have 7! 100% Cloud You may hear our competitors spend their customer’s money on advertising that they are cloud only to find out that your are about to install a 120 MB file on your Windows machine that you had to buy or install Bootcamp because Macbook Pro’s don’t run Windows apps. Think I…

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The Problem With Company Manifestos

I have personally experienced growth in smaller companies where going past 5/6 employees was a challenge, again at 12 and again at 20 and 50. I imagine that there are certain “saturation” points where the mechanics of a company is not right for a certain number of people to work together. The Challenges of Growth…

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ClicData's Product Release Schedule For 2019

In the early 2000’s a new renewed movement for the Agile Sprint and more specifically a faster delivery of new features came into full motion. Companies such as Google and Facebook were developing at a break neck speed and revamping the industry and how software was being released. Enterprise focused applications like Salesforce were also…

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ClicData Plus Xero: Put "Ahhhs" in your Accounting

Ask any entrepreneur, and it’s unlikely that their favorite part of growing a business is doing the accounting. Their plates are full. They’ve got countless important responsibilities and tasks to manage. And they battle for success from a variety of fronts. From operations and employee management to sales, marketing, and business strategy, their lists are…

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Api Webhooks Webservices Explained

API, Web Services and Webhooks Explained

In this age of cloud computing and SaaS applications, we hear a lot about Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and how they can let us connect any application to any other application. Finally, we’re told, everything in the whole world can work as one.We also hear a lot about webhooks and even how we can use…

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Join Us At Sales 3.0 Conference To Talk About AI For Sales

ClicData’s VP of Worldwide Sales will be among the industry leaders providing key insights and strategies to elevate sales and revenue growth at this year’s Sales 3.O. Held in Las Vegas October 25-26, Sales 3.0 Conference is an annual rendezvous for sales teams and executives to upgrade their knowledge about sales strategies and digital transformations.…

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Use ClicData Formulas

Use Formulas with Ease with ClicData

Let’s be honest. BI dashboards are really only as good as the metrics and insights they provide to their users. The more complex calculations that can be put in play behind the scenes, the more meaningful the insights, and the greater their value to the business. Yet many BI analysts are disappointed to discover that…

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