clicdata tableau comparison

ClicData vs. Tableau: Business Intelligence Tools Comparison

If you landed here, it’s either because you’re shopping for a BI tool—and ClicData and Tableau are on your shortlist—or it’s because you asked one of our sales reps, “What makes ClicData different from Tableau?” and they pointed you in this direction. Either way, we understand that you’re looking for honest and detailed product comparison.…

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Rebrandly Clicdata Integration

How To Build Real-Time Reports On Your Custom Links Data From Rebrandly

Rebrandly is a link management platform that lets you brand, track, and share short URLs using custom domain names. In essence, companies can create short, custom URLs that will be used primarily by mobile phones and that become accessible either by generating a dynamic QR code or very simple URLs. Those links conveniently direct a…

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Shared Dedicated Onpremise Data Warehouse Clicdata

Shared, Dedicated, or On-Premise Data Warehouse: What is Right For You?

Unlike other cloud apps, cloud-based business intelligence (BI) requires extensive infrastructure. That means that the database behind it can’t just be any database; it needs to be a powerful database that’s capable of on-demand analytics and multi-user access to key performance metrics, dashboards, and visual metrics. Because of this, ClicData now offers several choices for…

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Mdportals Testimonial

MDPortals Uses ClicData To Track Their Patient Documents’ Production Status

About MDPortals MDPortals collects a patient’s medical records and synthesizes them into one searchable document that can be easily reviewed by doctors prior to patient visits. MDPortals collects the medical records from all possible sources, including labs, pharmacies, specialists, hospitals, and Healthcare Information Exchange networks (HIEs). The documents are also interactive and allow doctors to…

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Aurora Release Clicdata

ClicData Aurora Release: New Features, UI & Much More

Every month, our product team brings new features, connectors, and visualization widgets to our platform. But Release Update 2020.10 launched on December 8th, 2020, is one of the biggest product updates we introduced in a long time. This release represents a rare event to us, almost as rare as Aurora Australis in polar regions of the…

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Essensys Testimonial Clicdata

essensys Builds Enhanced Reports With HubSpot and ClicData

Company Snapshot Industry: Technology Location: London, New York and Los Angeles Company size: 51-200 employees Year founded: 2006 What is the essensys solution? essensys provides a software and technology solution specifically designed for flexible workspace providers and office landlords looking for an efficient and automated way to run their property portfolio.  Their powerful all-in-one platform…

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Snowflake Clicdata Integration Benefits

ClicData Makes Snowflake Data Warehouse Even Better

We released a new connector to Snowflake, a widely-used platform that’s capable of uniting your data from different cloud infrastructure providers into a single data collection. Snowflake is great for copying data from multiple cloud platforms—mostly Amazon (AWS), Azure, and Google Cloud Platform—into a single data source. But wait! Isn’t that what ClicData does? Yes,…

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Clicdata Key Features For Agencies

ClicData’s Key Features For Agencies & Consultants

Are your Mondays crammed with filling out Excel sheets, building graphs, converting them into PDFs, and, finally, sending them off to each one of your clients, one by one? What if you could automate your client reporting processes? What if you could easily connect all your clients’ data, have them automatically refreshed every day, build…

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Clubspeed Testimonial

Clubspeed Uses ClicData To Aggregate Global Data & Accelerate Decision-Making

Company snapshot Industry: Technology Location: Corona, California Company-size: 20-50 employees Year founded: 2007 What is Clubspeed? Clubspeed is the leading venue management software for family entertainment centers (FEC) such as racetracks, karting, escape rooms, laser tags, arcade,  trampoline centers, etc. They have developed an all-in-one and fully integrated solution that can help FECs run their…

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Lead Performance Tracking

Enhanced Lead Performance Tracking with Sales & Marketing Data Combined

Sales and marketing are invariably interdependent. The sales team needs the marketing team to attract new leads and keep current customers engaged with high-quality content. Marketing needs sales’ insights and intelligence to adjust their campaigns, messaging, and targeting in order to connect with their audience in a meaningful way. Aligning the strategies of the two…

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Project Reporting Airtable Integration Clicdata

Airtable & ClicData For Better Project Reporting

Airtable is a powerful collaboration tool for sales, marketing, product, project, and engineering teams. It offers a wide variety of templates to manage your daily tasks and streamline your internal processes. Now, you can integrate Airtable with ClicData, a business intelligence platform for virtually any industry, to build reports and interactive dashboards that help you…

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Clicdata Mailchimp Integration

ClicData + MailChimp: Better, More Productive Email Reporting

We’re always super excited to add connectors to our BI platform. Each one gives our customers new access to some of their own data sets, allowing them to analyze, report on, and act on them for the first time. MailChimp is one of them. Integrating MailChimp with ClicData gives marketing teams the ability to leverage…

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Blog ClicData Top Data Features 2020

ClicData’s Top 5 Data Features of 2020

Every month, ClicData offers new platform improvements and features that further simplify and enhance the way our customers work with, understand, and leverage their data to drive their business success.  This monthly release cycle means that the platform is constantly evolving so that our customers can quickly turn their raw data into actionable intelligence that…

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Top Features ClicData

ClicData Top 6 Dashboard Features in 2020

For those of you who’ve been with us for a while now, you know that we update our platform every month with a lot of performance improvements and new features. Our job is to make sure you have every tool and features you need to turn your data into actionable insights and to make better…

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Clicdata Deprecating TLS 1.0 1.1

ClicData Deprecating the TLS 1.0 & 1.1 protocol in April 2020

On April 30, 2020, ClicData will end support for the Transport Layer Security (TLS) versions 1.0 and 1.1. In advance of this, we will implement a 24-hour test deprecation on April 16, 2020. If you or your company uses our API to refresh data, integrate dashboards, update data in real-time or any other integration this…

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