How Does Klipfolio Compare to ClicData?

clicdata vs klipfolio comparison

If you’re ready to leverage your business data and integrate a fully operational business intelligence system cost-effectively, you might have discovered ClicData and Klipfolio, two feature-rich data analytics and BI platforms that deliver metrics and data insights for making better business decisions—faster. Both are scalable and designed for small to medium-sized businesses expecting to grow…

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Use ClicData and HubSpot for Custom Sales & Marketing Reporting

clicdata hubspot integration

Less than two years after reaching 500 integrations, HubSpot announced that its App Marketplace is now home to over 1,000 integrations. Each integration is a tool that is designed to help customers better use HubSpot to improve their marketing, sales, services, and more. HubSpot and each of its integration partners is dedicated to helping clients…

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Top 21 ClicData Integrations For Your 2022 Business Reporting

top clicdata integrations for business reporting

Since we started in 2015, we’ve been helping companies build holistic reporting by bringing them a full-featured business intelligence platform that is easy to get started with and easy to scale. We enable businesses of all sizes—without the need for an army of consultants—to incorporate their data into a single data warehouse, create visualizations, and…

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Going beyond NetSuite’s reporting with ClicData

Embeded BI solution

Reporting with NetSuite & ClicData In a perfect world, you wouldn’t need multiple applications to accomplish what you need. In a perfect world, all screws would use the same screwdriver, all electrical plugs would use the same plug, and you would never have to apply updates on your phone. And when it comes to software,…

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Why is ClicData a Good Match For Healthcare Organizations

clicdata good match for healthcare analytics

That’s a good question considering there are many platforms on the market that may perform the same or similar functions, but none provide all the tools we needed to make that delivery seamless and adaptable. In this article, we will share the reasons why Solvitix and many other healthcare experts have preferred ClicData to other…

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2021 Recap & 2022 RoadMap

Roadmap 2022

At ClicData we are busy finishing the year strong and ensure that we can deliver the best features possible as quickly as we can. 2021 was a busy year for us, and as such we have increased our hiring to make sure we can fulfill our promises for 2022. Our Road Map is built based…

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Analyze Sentiment with Opinion Text Mining (PART 2)


In Part 1 of this Blog series, we gave a brief description of Sentiment Analysis and described the challenges associated with it. If you are reading this then you are determined to continue on this adventure – good for you! Before proceeding, please be aware that this blog is a lot more technical than Part…

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Analyze sentiment with Opinion Text Mining (PART 1)

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment or opinion analysis is a data mining technique that attempts to determine if a person or a group of people have a certain perception of a product, a company, an event, pretty much everything for which you can gather feedback in text format. One popular use is to analyze social media comments, especially from…

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CLICDATA VS. QLIK VIEW: Business Intelligence Tools Comparison

and (2)

Qlik provides a suite of business analytics applications split into two main products: Qlick Data Integration and Qlik Sense. QlikView’s future is probably limited since Qlik Sense is the company’s new flagship product, and QlikView will ultimately be branded a “classic” application—and be replaced. Here’s an overview of what it takes to implement the Qlik…

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Drive Cost-efficient Strategies Faster with ClicData and Snowflake

Snowflake and clicdata

Why should you combine Snowflake and ClicData? Since we added the Snowflake connector, many of our customers have asked us about Snowflake, wanting to know more about it. Some were confused, too, because both Snowflake and ClicData offer a cloud-based, scalable data warehouse feature, and people didn’t understand why we’d want to offer a connector…

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QuickBooks & ClicData, Awesome Combo for SMB Financial Management

thumbnail quickbooks

If you work with complex processes in a corporate environment, ERP is a great fit. But what’s the right solution if you are driving an SMB? What’s the most efficient way to handle your invoicing and keep track of your expenses and tax declarations? QuickBooks meets these needs with its accessible and innovative accounting software.…

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Looking for a Chartio Successor? ClicData to the Rescue

replacing chartio

You probably heard the news: Chartio will be gone as of March 1, 2022. Atlassian recently announced its acquisition of Chartio, a cloud-based BI tool. The Australian company will integrate Chartio’s data-visualization engine into their products, starting with Jira. Although this is excellent news for Jira users—not so much for Chartio customers. They will be…

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ClicData vs. Tableau: Business Intelligence Tools Comparison

clicdata tableau comparison

If you landed here, it’s either because you’re shopping for a BI tool—and ClicData and Tableau are on your shortlist—or it’s because you asked one of our sales reps, “What makes ClicData different from Tableau?” and they pointed you in this direction. Either way, we understand that you’re looking for an honest and detailed product…

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Shared, Dedicated, or On-Premise Data Warehouse: What is Right For You?

Shared Dedicated Onpremise Data Warehouse Clicdata

Unlike other cloud apps, cloud-based business intelligence (BI) requires extensive infrastructure. That means that the database behind it can’t just be any database; it needs to be a powerful database that’s capable of on-demand analytics and multi-user access to key performance metrics, dashboards, and visual metrics. Because of this, ClicData now offers several choices for…

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