Measure How Green Your Are

Time to Measure How Green You’ve Become

Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, is not a legend anymore! Especially since the alarming IPCC report released this year which assesses the impacts of climate change. In this article, we’ll discuss what CSR means for large and small companies and describe best practices for implementing programs to become environmentally friendly. Measuring and Reducing Environmental Impact…

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Measure Communicate Marketing Results

Marketing Results: How to Efficiently Measure And Communicate Them

Marketing can be scary – you’re expected to come up with ideas to impress people you’ve never met and sell them your product or service?  Fortunately, there are ways to ensure your success, so you know all your planning, sweat, and tears will pay off. And when you keep track of metrics, you can show…

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Mql Slq Kpis How To Track Them

MQLs, SQLs & KPIs: They Need Each Other More Than You Realize

For a business to be successful, its sales and marketing teams must work hand-in-hand to develop optimal strategies, processes, and best practices. To do that effectively, they first need to clarify and set expectations about what each team will bring to the effort. After all, for teams to work together well, deciding on common objectives—and…

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Leadership Kpis Saas Companies

Leadership KPIs For SaaS Companies

Since ClicData works with a wide variety of businesses, in a wide range of sectors, we get to see how many business owners and managers monitor and manage their company’s financial health. We learn a lot about their priorities and how they think, and the insights have challenged me to take a fresh look at…

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Financial KPIs SaaS Companies

17 Financial KPIs For a SaaS Company

As a company with multiple offices and with customers and shareholders around the world, at ClicData we find that monitoring our business performance online using live financial KPIs on informative dashboards is an absolute must. It is also a clear and attractive way to showcase our product to our key players. Here is a list…

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Saas Marketing Kpis Dashboard

10 Marketing KPIs For Your SaaS Company

The goal of digital marketing strategies in SaaS companies remains the same as in any other type of company: attract new customers, convince them that you’re the right fit for their needs, and make them stay with you as long as possible. But e-commerce, hospitality, and SaaS industries will each use a different set of…

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Data Driven Human Resources

KPIs For Data-Driven HR Management

We know that key performance indicators (KPIs) help managers call the shots and help businesses respond effectively to trends of the market. Sales and Marketing decisions are naturally data-driven, and KPIs play a key role in that, especially with the exponential growth of big data and relevant consumer statistics. On the other hand, decision-making within…

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15 Seo Kpis

Top 15 KPIs To Measure Your SEO Performance

Your website is great. You’ve written countless blogs with the relevant keywords and you have authoritative backlinks and internal links within your content and are sure that your SEO game is top-notch. The next question is, how can you tell that your efforts are yielding results? Whether you’re getting started on SEO or you’re looking…

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Marketing Kpis Small Business

6 Marketing KPIs To Better Manage Your Small Business

There are two expenses closely related to every marketing effort you put in place for your business – time and money. You have to spend time to develop a plan, and you have to invest money to pay for ad space, pay staff/contractors, marketing services, etc. Nothing comes free in business, and that is certainly…

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Sales Kpis For Saas Companies

Top 7 Sales KPIs for SaaS Companies

Along with your marketing KPIs and financial metrics, sales performance indicators are essential metrics for you to effectively monitor the success of your SaaS business. Beyond helping you stay on top of your overall business performance, they can help you leverage your most productive assets as well as identify issues in the sales process before…

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Marketing Kpi Dashboards Social Seo Ads Email

Digital Marketing KPI Dashboards for Social, SEO, Ads, Emails

Being a marketer in a small or medium-sized business means being involved in all sorts of activities, from raising brand awareness and acquiring new customers to nurturing leads and maintaining customer loyalty. Depending on your niche, the competition can be tough, leaving you with little room for error. So, it’s absolutely essential that you ensure…

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Customer Support KPIs To Track

5 KPIs To Track For A Successful Customer Support

Nowadays, successful customer service represents a holistic blend of data and results to provide the best experience for consumers. Pleasant phone calls are only a small aspect of understanding what really makes a customer service experience worthwhile. So, to accurately gauge what produces the best results, it’s crucial for businesses to measure a variety of…

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Blog How To Make Simple Financial Reports

How To Make A Simple Financial Report

Financial reporting does not have to be a painful process! In most companies, even the most basic financial KPIs can be quite difficult not only to create but also to maintain in order to ensure that everyone is working with the most updated numbers. In other cases, these 2 steps actually work well and it’s…

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Pricing Analytics – Mercedes C Class Example

Sales analytics are key to understanding the impact of independent variables on consumer demand of a product or service. How does seasonality affect sales? What is the optimal price point for a particular product? How do competitors and broader market trends influence a products potential profit? In this project, we will explore Mercedes C class…

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Real Time Financials

Real-Time Financials: Is There Such a Thing?

Incubators or business sponsors often compare managing a business to driving a car or steering a boat. This picture does a great job conveying new business owners just how many things they are going to need to pay attention to if they want to be successful: hiring the right crew, getting the right engine, etc.…

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