cyber and data security metrics to monitor

Cyber and Data Security Metrics Businesses Should Monitor

You need a complex system of security and reporting systems in place to ensure the safety and integrity of your physical infrastructure and the digital data your company keeps. You must also gather human, technological, and quantitative cybersecurity metric resources to assess the effectiveness of your defenses. Without these tools, no security posture is complete.…

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inventory management kpis to track

17 Must-Have KPIs For Cost-Efficient Inventory Management [2022]

Your retail or e-commerce business might be successful right now.  But without proper inventory management, you risk running out of stock and missing potential customers in the process. On the other hand, if you start using the proper KPIs to measure your inventory efficiency, you can make sure that you’ll always provide the best shopping…

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video marketing performance

12 KPIs To Measure Your Video Marketing Performance

Nowadays, there are so many tools specifically geared for making quality videos and promoting your brand on social media. With numerous online video maker apps for specific needs, businesses start to create marketing content themselves. With so many brands sharing video content, it can be hard to tell what works by just simply scanning the…

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data reports

6 Tips to Create Data Reports to Enhance Your Business Performance

What gets measured gets managed.  It’s an old adage that perhaps goes a long way to explaining why data reports have become such a staple of modern business.  But in reality, data reports have developed a reputation as tiresome affairs capable of inspiring little more than the urge to fall asleep.  Indeed, the very term…

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product analytics user onboarding

Using Product Analytics Insights to Build Better User Onboarding

Tracking product analytics data is of no use if you don’t use the insights to build better user onboarding. And by user onboarding, I’m not talking about the primary onboarding only, when you want to get the user to experiment the value of your product. Onboarding is a continuous process that helps drive the user…

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marketing derived metrics

14 Derived Metrics That Every Marketing Leaders Need

As data has become the lifeblood of businesses of every kind, it’s become increasingly clear that the volume of data matters little compared to how that data is harnessed to extract valuable insights that help drive a business towards success. Those insights are usually in the form of key performance indicators (KPIs)—metrics pulled from the…

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data driven marketing strategy

5 Ways to Improve Your Restaurant Revenue with Data-Driven Strategy

In a market filled with an abundance of choices for consumers, it’s crucial to make sure that your business and your brand are at the forefront of customers’ thoughts and choices. Achieving this through data-driven marketing and planning your strategy accordingly is key and can help prevent extraneous expenditures that provide little value. The restaurant…

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thumbnail quick service restaurants

Quick Service Restaurants: Improving Operations With Customer Data

The restaurant industry is becoming increasingly customer-focused, where customers’ preferences dictate industry trends and major developments. In such a data-driven landscape, quick-service restaurants (QSRs) need to collect and utilize customer data.  Here’s a detailed guide to how QSRs can collect and leverage customer data to improve their operations.  Why Do Quick-Service Restaurants Need Customer Data?…

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thumbnail quickbooks

QuickBooks & ClicData, Awesome Combo for SMB Financial Management

If you work with complex processes in a corporate environment, ERP is a great fit. But what’s the right solution if you are driving an SMB? What’s the most efficient way to handle your invoicing and keep track of your expenses and tax declarations? QuickBooks meets these needs with its accessible and innovative accounting software.…

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Annual Financial Performance Tracking

Don’t Wait For Your Annual Financials to Track Your Financial KPIs

Maybe you’re working on closing your 2020 financials at this very moment, gathering all relevant information with your accounting team. If so, it’s the perfect time to take a look at a few KPIs that can naturally be drawn from your yearly financial statements. Still, you don’t have to wait for tax time to benefit…

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Vanity Actionable Metrics Marketing

Vanity vs. Actionable Metrics in Marketing

Let’s say you’re preparing a meal; you’ve got fancy china, a lovely place setting, and each dish is beautifully presented on the plate. Then your guests arrive, hungry and ready to dig in, only to discover the turkey is undercooked, the risotto tastes awful, and the blueberry cream pie is nothing to write home about.…

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Measure How Green Your Are

Time to Measure How Green You’ve Become

Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, is not a legend anymore! Especially since the alarming IPCC report released this year which assesses the impacts of climate change. In this article, we’ll discuss what CSR means for large and small companies and describe best practices for implementing programs to become environmentally friendly. Measuring and Reducing Environmental Impact…

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Measure Communicate Marketing Results

Marketing Results: How to Efficiently Measure And Communicate Them

Marketing can be scary – you’re expected to come up with ideas to impress people you’ve never met and sell them your product or service?  Fortunately, there are ways to ensure your success, so you know all your planning, sweat, and tears will pay off. And when you keep track of metrics, you can show…

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