12 Most Significant Lead Generation Metrics For SaaS

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The SaaS market is crowded as ever. A surefire way to unlock sustainable growth and stay ahead of the competition is by tracking the right metrics for your lead generation efforts.  Data can give you deeper visibility into every aspect of your lead-gen process and indicate the need to optimize your tactics. But sourcing, managing,…

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AI Is The Hot Topic, But RPA Is The Real Deal For SMEs

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On average, 15% of companies in the UK have adopted at least one artificial intelligence (AI) technology, with 34% of those medium-sized and 15% small. AI will likely continue to be a hot topic in 2023 and as the hype continues, more businesses will understandably be wondering how and if they should implement it into…

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2023 Trends in Digitalisation for SMEs

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Let’s face it, the UK economy has seen better days. We’ve been hit hard these past few years, and yet through it all, SMEs continue to thrive in the face of adversity. This segment is critical for the UK economy, contributing £216 billion and making up 61% of UK jobs. But what enabled SMEs to…

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10 Essential KPIs for Retail to Keep in Mind

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KPIs, or key performance indicators, have long been a fundamental part of business operations. These metrics enable employees, managers, and leaders to monitor and keep track of their workflows, project progress, sales targets, and other important processes to evaluate overall business performance.  In a hyper-competitive industry like retail, businesses have no choice but to collect…

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How to Create the Best Campaign Performance Dashboard?

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Digital marketing initiatives in the modern day produce a lot of data, whether from the company’s internal or external sources. While it is challenging to quantify manually, this data is necessary for determining ROI and campaign success. Less than one-third of businesses presently use data to make critical decisions, even though marketing spending on data…

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What’s Data Literacy and Why Is It Important?

why data literacy matters

Data has become a fundamental aspect of business operations in the growing digital-first global economy. As a result, learning how to extract, analyze, store, and use data from different sources has become crucial for driving business value. However, many businesses, especially those digitalizing their operations to make data-driven decisions don’t have the knowledge to tap…

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E-commerce: 13 KPIs to Track in Your Dashboard to Grow Your Business

kpis retail metrics to track businesss growth

What are Key Performance Indicators? Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are metrics that help you calculate your business’s growth trajectory and the health of your various departments. Tracking KPIs helps you keep your business on track, and advises most management decisions. With the right insight, you will easily tell which efforts are worth more than others,…

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7 Tips to Try for an Immediate Average Order Value Increase

increase aov

It’s a no-brainer that the more customers your business has, the more revenue it generates. If you’re a marketer or retailer, you should look beyond customer numbers and focus on average order value (AOV) since it can set you on the path to profitability. For this reason, it’s best to know what AOV is, how…

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Customer Retention Analytics: How Data Can Help Reduce Churn

customer retention analytics help reduce churn

Customer retention analytics is crucial for helping you supercharge your business. By analyzing data about your business’s customer retention, you can reduce churn. And as it’s much easier to retain your existing customers than to gain new customers, it’s worth finding out more about how analyzing this type of data can help boost your business. …

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Why You Need Data Reports and How to Create Them

data reports and dashboards

Managers know that gathering and interpreting data is essential for making the best business decisions. However, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the excess of data that’s available. Data reporting picks out the most important pieces of a data set and presents them clearly, using visual tools like charts and graphs. Putting together good data…

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Text Analysis for Business Intelligence : An Outlook

text analysis for business intelligence

Every business leader would outright agree that data is currency. However, few might be aware of the challenges of processing this data into actionable information. In business, finding out what other people think is a critical part of the decision-making process. And there are growing opportunities for mining opinion-rich data from sources like personal blogs,…

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5 Ways to Use Data Visualization in Human Resources

5 ways to use data visualization in human resources

Using Data Visualization in Human Resources – 5 Techniques Visual communication is nothing new as it’s typically employed everywhere – in media, art, education, and entertainment. But now, more than before, data visualization in business is quite noticeable.  In other words, businesses continue to recognize the vast potential in data visualization, especially in enhancing communication…

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5 Sales Pipeline Metrics You Should Be Checking for Growth

sales pipeline metrics to track

Understanding your sales pipeline is a fundamental process for business growth. Besides tracking revenue and other apparent success indicators, managing your pipeline accounts for less visible metrics like leads who are stuck in your sales cycle or have fallen off the wagon.  Without a firm understanding of what exactly constitutes growth in your funnel, you…

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Top 10 KPIs For Project Management [Cheat Sheet]

10 kpi project management

A key performance indicator (KPI) is a quantifiable metric that helps the project manager (PM) determine overall project performance and its alignment with organizational objectives. Success in a project is defined within predetermined budgets, timelines, scope, and quality levels. While the Project Manager is engrossed in efforts to deliver a project on time and within…

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