Clicdata Versus Bime

There was a time during which BIME analytics was often mentioned during my prospection calls, not only because we are both French but also because we were both considered as the right solution for powerful data visualization. Their brand awareness seems to have reached a peak when Zendesk showed up to make them part of their solution and something happened: while the ClicData platform kept growing stronger, integrating more and more data sources and empowering the users with more and more data management features, BIME started fading away slowly.

This is what we are have heard on the market “BIME is no longer a standalone solution, no more support, product update.” Good news for all the great BI projects out there: ClicData can help! For about 6 months now dozens of BI experts in Europe have shown up on our doorstep looking for a proper replacement and greater service.

With this blog article, we will try to help you make an informed decision with testimony by one of our customers who recently let go of BIME for ClicData and a feature comparison by one of our analysts.

Transitioning from BIME to ClicData by Marketing 1BY1

We went to ask a few questions to their CTO, Henri-Maxime Ducoulombier but first of all, let’s understand Marketing 1BY1’s business:  Marketing 1BY1 is a marketing automation solution integrating a Customer Data Platform. The agency provides its customers with the tools to animate their community through a personalized and automated relationship and they provide them with a greater understanding of their audience and related behaviors. Many companies from multiple sectors (tourism, E-commerce, charity, …) have thereby a chance to resolve CRM issues by capitalizing on all their omnichannel data collected for each of their customers.

Q: You used to be a BIME customer, why did you decide to leave?

A: BIME allowed us to connect multiple data sources quite easily (including MongoDB and Redshift that we use extensively), and to execute queries directly on our databases, without having to import them. But over time, it appeared that it was actually a requirement to import the data into their system, and many bugs have disrupted or even made impossible the creation of the dashboards we needed for our customers. The lack of support despite our reminders and the price of the license eventually lead us to start looking into an alternative. In addition, our data model is very flexible, with a lot of exceptions and special cases, and BIME did not offer any flexibility from this point of view.

Q: What prompted you to test ClicData?

A: The promise of a SaaS solution that could connect to our data sources quickly and unload us from the ETL part enticed us to test ClicData when we decided to leave BIME. We were looking for a solution where end-users could manage to import complex and massive data self-sufficiently, without the intervention of our technical team, and ClicData seemed to fulfill this promise.

Q: What convinced you to buy ClicData at the end of the trial?

A: We mainly tested 2 components of ClicData: the purely technical capabilities of the platform and the ability to create the dashboards we wanted. With a solid technical background, our team was able to evaluate the data related features of the software efficiently and we had a good idea of what we were looking for. We also had someone internally to build the dashboards and compare the possibilities with other data visualization tools such as BIME: the goal was to redo quickly (and improve) what we had already done on BIME and this goal was achieved on ClicData 150%.
In addition to the purely technical and functional aspects of the tool, we were also extremely impressed by the availability of the support team who answered our questions on the spot. The pricing model that does not vary should you be an editor or a viewer is also a point that simplified our lives and fit our business model quite nicely.

Comparing BIME with ClicData by our Business Analyst

We decided to take a look at both the implementation aspects and the available features. Of course, we’ll conclude with a quick word on support and pricing.


When you need to have a conversation just to get your trial started, you don’t really show the confidence of a true SaaS product. In that respect, starting testing BIME on your own is not an option; whereas with ClicData you can signup instantly for a free trial and start exploring your data with a large feature range. Support via tickets and chat is also included for free, to help you get the best out of this test. Part of the onboarding also includes some time with one of our analysts to help you aggregate your data or optimize your KPIs.

Product improvements and support

ClicData offers product updates every month, without any implementation or maintenance on the user’s side. BIME as such is currently not updated anymore, the new product evolution being geared towards CRM analysis only.

Implementation of real-time analytics

BIME offers different types of data connections as described in the table below: live connections with high impact on the data sources’ performance, as they’re being continuously queried and involving security weakness while keeping connections open; stored data that enables versioning, for which additional storage space needs to be purchased. With ClicData, your data is secured on our Azure servers, giving you full control on how it’s versioned, archived and deleted. Most importantly there is no need for extra server installation or any other extra purchases.

Available features

Here is a quick overview of some of the key features which can help you run a BI project efficiently from connecting your data to the aggregation and transformation, the visualization and finally efficient collaboration. In the case of Marketing 1BY1 and other technology or services providers, the white label facility is greatly appreciated.

Clicdata Bime Functionality Comparison


Not only is ClicData more complete as it goes far beyond data visualization, we’re offering our users extensive data management capabilities and including storage but it’s also more accessible from a budget perspective as shown in the below table.

Clicdata Bime Pricing Comparison

So if you are using BIME and you are getting frustrating, hopefully, this article will have convinced you to start testing ClicData. The next step is right here! We would love to help you make your BI project successful!

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