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Creating and maintaining loyal customers is priority number one for most businesses. This elusive goal is key to running a successful, profitable business. However, trying to figure out how to do that can be a challenge.

Understanding your customers’ needs, desires and preferences is critical in order to develop and deliver solutions that create happy customers who generate repeat business. Once you crack that code and understand the cause and effect of interactions between your customers and your business, you can make educated decisions on how to modify behaviors or activities to create more positive responses, and ultimately more loyal customers.

Traditionally, it has been difficult to gather this type of information. Pulling necessary data from multiple disparate systems leads to unwieldy reporting from which it’s nearly impossible to extract worthwhile proof points. Assuming the data is purely text-based, it will also be time-intensive and require a data analyst to effectively identify the findings.

However, modern Business Intelligence (BI) tools enable you to gather the exact information you need from a variety of different sources, and present it via easy-to-read dashboards that incorporate data visualization in the form of colored charts and graphs. As a result, patterns, trends and correlations that might go undetected in text-based data are exposed and recognized much more effectively.

Let’s look at a few examples.


You may want to better understand the type of information your customers appreciate, which format they like to view it in, and what makes them take action. Use pre-created Marketing Dashboards to learn which messages work best and which campaigns are most successful.


If you want to track the effectiveness of your support team in keeping customers happy, check out the Call Center Dashboard. It displays resolution rates, satisfaction ratios, talk time and more. In addition, you can view a comparison of agent performance and identify where additional training may be needed.

Customized Surveys

The Survey Results Dashboard enables you to go straight to your customers and ask them to reply to a customer satisfaction survey. If there are specific issues that you want to address, this may be the most direct route. You can segment the results and view satisfaction rates by region, size or type of customer.

Learning more about how your customers react to various activities enables you to adjust your actions to increase the most successful activities and eliminate the ones that aren’t working. The more you tailor your efforts to the things that make your customers happy, the more loyal your customers will become.

Creating loyal customers starts by better understanding your customers. Regardless of what data you want to analyze or which department you choose for your initial project, data visualization dashboards will undoubtedly simplify your review process and quickly point out areas of opportunity.

Learn more about BI tools from ClicData and how their prebuilt dashboards apply to your business, or contact us to discuss parameters for creating customized dashboards.

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