Embedded dashboard & White label BI
for Consulting Services

Customize your reports & build predictive models to making the best use of data.

Make your customers understand the value you’re providing.

A BI Platform For Your Customers

As a Consultant, you spend too much time creating reports for your customers?

ClicData is a fully automated Business Intelligence software that eliminates redundant and mundane tasks.

Your customers need your time and your expertise, you need ClicData.


Stop wasting time extracting data from your customers’ applications. ClicData collects data from over 250 data sources and apps in a click of a button.


refreshed dataonce per minute

  • Data refresher: Trigger data refreshes, full or partial data loads, from any event outside of ClicData with our data refresh API endpoints.
  • Transform data: Create tables, push one row or multiple rows, update or delete rows in real-time from your transaction systems.
  • Manage data: Have full control of your data sets and have your dashboards display up to the second information.


Make the bestuse of data

  • Mash-up: Combine data from any number of
    sources to create not only direct metrics but
    also derived.
  • Easily dynamic: Create interactivity between
    indicators, between dashboards that are
    intuitive and easy to use.
  • Automated: Setup is once, and everything
    becomes automated.

Anywhere, Anytimedata

  • Create Alerts: Create alerts that allow users to
    rely on your reporting for critical events or
  • Key KPIs: Create customer dashboard that is
    easily consumed and viewed by your
    customers, making you more valuable.
  • Always on: No matter when or where, you and
    your clients can have on-demand updates and

Why Are We Different?

ClicData is the first 100% cloud-based Business Intelligence software that streamlines data analytics and data visualization.

With interactive and smart dashboards, make your customers understand the value you provide.

Focus on delivering insights and advices that will have the greatest impact on their business.

Enhanced reporting for you and your customers

Marketing 1BY1 chose ClicData to track the performance of their marketing automation platform and extend their data visualization offering for their customers.

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