A PowerfulData Warehouse

Our offer is unique.  The only BI platform that includes all the pieces needed for fast, efficient and easier reporting. A highly performant database, hundreds of native connectors, ETL, scheduler, security, a powerful dashboard editor with so many design possibilities and much more.  It is hard to beat.

Database, ETL, Dashboard Editor & Automation All in One

As a Business Analyst, you spend too much time trying to extract data from multiple databases and managing data?

ClicData is a comprehensive BI software: 250+ connectors, powerful data warehouse and ETL features, data visualization.

Your life will be way easier from now on.

Over 250Data Sources

All your data connected simply, regardless of their format, in one secure place for you to access and work on.

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AdvancedETL Features

No need to purchase additional tools when you need to merge tables, fusion data, apply cleansing and transformations, and much more. Create unlimited views of the same data using our wizards or hard-core SQL.

Online DashboardsFor Everyone

Answer your clients’ specific requests with our dashboard designer. 50+ widgets are available to make each KPIs loud and clear for every department.


Data Security& User Management

Being a Microsoft Azure partner, ClicData ensures your data protection and security with host servers across the world. You can also choose a dedicated server to host your data history.

Manage users in different teams and give them access only to the KPIs and data they need.

Why We Are Different?

You have been there. You know what it takes to implement a Business Intelligence data analytics and reporting solution. Servers, databases, scripts, tools, security, integrations, APIs, and so much more.

We have all the tools you need in one place and we maintain it for you.  The database, a highly performant state-of-the-art Microsoft SQL Server database with Columnar Store and Indexing (CSI), an application that grows with your needs and is updated frequently. The security and safety of knowing your data is hosted in your region, across different data centers for fast and secure access.

They Use Our Data Warehouse
& Data Visualisation Features

"Fantastic Tool"

"I had zero experience creating dashboards before ClicData. I am able to amaze my coworkers on a regular basis thanks to ClicData."

Kris W.
Solution Consultant

"Can't Recommend Enough"

"We use ClicData to bring our business data together from different sources. We have managed to create some professional looking dashboards for use both internally and externally, all with relative ease."

David L.
Production Control Manager

"Great Value for Money!"

"From the day I signed up for the free trial to today, ClicData has been amazing to work with, both in terms of the software and the support. The software is extremely easy to use and provides me with all the functionality."

Jim S.
Director of Operations

"A Complete Package for Startups"

"We started using clicdata a year back and we loved the way it gives the opportunity to automate the entire process."

Sherry A.
Senior Analyst

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