All Your KPIsIn One Place

Know the performance of your business before your first cup of coffee.

Your new go-to reporting tool

Feeling limited in your business applications' reporting or that you're missing a piece of information to make informed decisions?

ClicData is a flexible reporting platform that frees you from any restriction. Centralize and consolidate your data from all your systems, build custom dashboards and KPIs... All in a single tool.

native data connectors

All your data connected simply, regardless of their format, in one secure place for you to access and work on. Combine all your data sources to get a unique view of your business’ results.

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Real-time data& Alerts

Choose the frequency of data refresh you need to run your business. Daily. Weekly. Monthly. Set it up once, and you’re good to go! Get notifications whenever mile stones are met or when expectations are not reached.

Stunning Dashboards in Minutes

Our online editor is as easy as drag and drop. Fully customizable, you can bind any data to any visualization or simply drag new data in as you need it. With more than 70 visualization widgets, it will make your dashboard look amazing!

Mobile Dashboards Application

Mobile & interactive Dashboards

ClicData is mobile just like you. Access all your business KPIs on the go with our mobile apps.

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Keep your team on the same page and share your dashboards with them. Schedule a routine to send them an update via email, pdf or a live link.

Why Are We Different?

ClicData is the first 100% cloud-based Business Intelligence software that is both complete and easy to implement.
We want to enable every Business Managers to make smarter decisions faster.
Data and insights are the most powerful fuels to make your business rocket.
That’s why we want our solution to be simple and yet powerful for every company, even the ones with smaller budgets.

They Use ClicData and They Love It!

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"ClicData has provided us with a solution that not only extracts and combines the data from various sources, but it allows us to automatically distribute our daily and weekly reports without any interaction. So now we know that the 9 AM report is accurate as of 9 AM."
Gary Brandon, Systems Project Manager

Want to see ClicData in action?

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