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Customer Retention Dashboard

analyze your customer retention and monitor new MRR, Contraction MRR, Expansion MRR, Churn

In this dashboard, you can analyze your customer retention in value ($) and number of accounts. Track KPIs such as New MRR, Contraction MRR, Expansion MRR, Churn. We also look at New and Lost Accounts in the last 30 days.

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Customer Retention Analytics: How Data Can Help Reduce Churn

customer retention analytics help reduce churn

Customer retention analytics is crucial for helping you supercharge your business. By analyzing data about your business’s customer retention, you can reduce churn. And as it’s much easier to retain your existing customers than to gain new customers, it’s worth finding out more about how analyzing this type of data can help boost your business. …

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How to leverage your NPS to improve customer retention

nps cover

Here’s an age-old question for you: is it cheaper for your business to attract a new customer or win back the business of an old one? If you guessed that it’s cheaper to retain a customer, you’d be right.  On average, it costs 6-7 times less to win repeat business from a loyal customer than…

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Call Center Monitoring: Secrets To Superior Customer Service

blog call center monitoring

What is call center monitoring, and why do call centers need this?  In business, maintaining customer satisfaction is essential. Customer satisfaction largely depends on the quality of interactions with call centers. Call center monitoring, a method of reviewing and analyzing calls, ensures customer service meets high standards.  It transforms every customer interaction into an opportunity…

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Customer Intelligence: Still Wondering Why Your Marketing Plans Aren’t Working?

blog customer intelligence

Your LinkedIn feed is likely full of buzzwords like ‘Personalization’, ‘Fail Fast,’ ‘Omnichannel’, ‘Predictive Analytics’ and of course, the golden child of the moment, AI… What do these buzzwords add up to other than glorified LinkedIn posts? How can they actually support our marketing strategies, and not just create more frustrations? Frustrations like running multi-channel campaigns across the…

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4 Simple Steps to Customer Obsession

customer obsession from 4 simple steps to customer obsession

Customer obsession. No, it’s not about buying t-shirts with your favourite customer’s face on it, or turning up to their am-dram performances. It’s something a little bit more complex, and far more effective, than that. It’s the idea of changing every facet of your company into focusing on an improved customer experience, which leads to…

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What is Customer Centricity and Why It’s Important in 2024

customer centricity

In the vast and ever-evolving landscape of business, one truth remains steadfast: customer satisfaction is paramount to profitability. As revealed by a sobering CallMiner report, the repercussions of poor customer experience reverberate throughout the corporate world, with businesses in the United States hemorrhaging a staggering $35 billion annually due to subpar customer interactions. But the…

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Customer Behavior Analysis: Benefits, Step by Step + Examples

blog consumer behavior data analysis

“The customer is always right.” This is the business motto that’s been around since the early 1900s and still proves true today. The only difference now is our customer base is wide ranging, which makes it tough to keep up with demand.  Simply relying on customer profiles is no longer enough. Just because you sell…

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Our Ultimate Guide for Customer Acquisition in 2022

customer acquisition guide

Global marketing spending was anticipated to exceed $1.3 trillion in 2020, according to Statista. The amount spent on online media in the US climbed by 8%, reaching 168.4 billion. At first glance, it could appear that companies are merely throwing money at the wall to win new customers, but there is a purpose behind this…

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How Can You Predict Your Customer’s Next Move?

predict customers next move

Modern-day customers are tech-savvy and demand a personalized experience to commit to a brand. As a result, businesses strive, with each campaign, to use data for the purpose of content personalization. However, their efforts at building a loyal customer base often fall short. As businesses are locked in an intense game of three-party chess with…

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3 Ways of Using Data to Enhance Customer Experience (CX)

customer experience tracking

The number of marketing strategies that can help your business grow the customer base and achieve success is overwhelming. You may be uncertain about the means you should prioritize: competitor analysis, newest trends, or SEO research? All these are important sources of information, but the most valuable insights come straight from your customers. Processing data…

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How Banks can use Internal Data to Improve Customer Experience

banking data to improve customer experience

We live in a data-driven world. Good data and relevant industry and market forecasts are the top driving forces behind long-term business growth in any industry. When it comes to banking and fintech, however, collecting and acting on viable data can tell you whether or not your customers are happy. This can mean the difference…

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Email Marketing: How to Use Voice-of-Customer Data to Your Advantage

voice of customers data marketing

Want to improve your email marketing? Voice-of-customer (VoC) data can help in a big way.  By gathering feedback directly from your customers, you’re able to pinpoint the exact problems, obstacles, and outcomes your customers want you to address in your emails. You can even uncover what language you should use to make your copy more…

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