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Under the hood of our dynamic dashboards is an engine designed for massive, complex data systems.
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Drag & Drop Dashboard Editor

ClicData Dashboard Widgets

Drag & drop indicators on your workspace and connect your data from any sources in just a few clicks to create live dashboards and reports for your business.

Automated Data Management

ClicData Data Connectors

Connect to a large number of systems and databases such as Google Analytics, Facebook, Salesforce, Oracle, MySQL and files on Dropbox, Google Drive and many many more. Just schedule your refresh dates and times and ClicData takes care of the rest.

Live Alerts on your Dashboards

ClicData Notification System

Set up rules so that ClicData alerts you by email or notification. Stay on top of key indicators automatically. If one of your indicators goes beyond a defined level, ClicData will warn you right away!

Dynamic Collaboration for Teams

ClicData Comment Module

Sharing your insights has never been so easy, add comments to your live dashboards and share them with your colleagues or clients in a few clicks.

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Key Features

Our intuitive design belies the power of our software. In six easy steps, you’ll have unprecedented insights provided by connecting, cleaning and filtering your data — sourced from multiple platforms and in numerous locations — into an integrated, cloud-based data warehouse. Your insights have never been more powerful.

1. Connect your data

ClicData Data Connectors

Access all of your data — no matter where it lives — from a wide variety of platforms into a transparent, integrated cloud-based data warehouse.

2. Prepare your data

ClicData Dashboard Widgets

ClicData features an ETL platform for your data: transformations, normalization, merge options, data history management and more..

3. Create your dashboards

ClicData Notification System

Drag & drop indicators on your workspace and connect your data from any sources in just a few clicks to create live dashboards and reports for your business.

4. Publish and share as you like

ClicData Comment Module

Dynamic dashboards mean you have the flexibility to keep your team updated, make your point with clients and enable stakeholders to monitor indicators.

5. Automate data refreshes and alerts

ClicData Notification System

Automatic data refresh and automatic alerts give you confidence that your indicators and metrics are up to date and that you are always in the know.

6. Manage user rights and privileges

ClicData Comment Module

Organize people into teams, manage their access rights to your dashboards and establish parameters to filter who sees what.

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  • Cloud-based integrated data warehousing
  • Data history management
  • Simple, powerful data cleaning
  • Intelligent and easy data merges and transformations
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop dashboard design
  • Up and running in minutes

So much more than a dashboard builder, ClicData serves as a virtual data warehouse that fulfills many sophisticated data processing tasks for you.
Quickly and easily, ClicData online dashboard software combines data from numerous platforms into one intelligent, secure, virtual data warehouse so that you have up-to-the-minute, fresh analyses, reports and insights any time you want them.
Just the way you want them.

ClicData Mobile Sales Dashboard

Looking for a mobile dashboard solution?

With ClicData mobile available for iOS you can access and share your dashboards from anywhere! You also receive instant alerts with attached dashboards.