Don’t we all need a little break of this looooong and cooooold winter?

Well if you cannot take vacation anytime you want, you can at least compensate with some proper entertainment. Now let’s see, what do we have on hand in the winter season?

You can go to a movie, watch the Olympics on tv, play music, get dressed as a super hero and go nuts with your kids. You might laugh at that last one but some regions of the world decide to take the fun of dressing as some fantastic character very seriously and turned that into huge carnival parties.

The origin of the name “Carnival” is actually disputed and none of these etymological meanings actually sound like fun, between those that argue a link with the Italian word “carne” (meat), and those that argue a link with the word “carrus” (car).

Back to our search for entertainment, first you need to pick your carnival; here are 8 major events across the world. They all happen in February and March but mind that each of them has some kind of “specialty”, a distinctive feature that has made them famous.


DATES 2014



28 Feb – 3 March

Everything is allowed


22 Feb – 4 March



17 Feb – 4 March

Flower battles


31 Jan – 16 Feb

Celebrating winter


3 March – 4 March

The whole country is in


2 March – 4 March

Oranges distribution


10 March – 12 March

Amazing lanterns


27 Feb – 3 March

« The crazy days »

These major events are also major business opportunities for their host cities. Let’s take a closer look at 2 of them:

Rio 2013


The generated estimated revenues in the city of Rio de Janeiro is of R$1.45 billion (approximately US$850 million).

This comes from the millions of Brazilians partying with other millions of foreigners for the occasion. Parties do not only create revenues but also have a bad side to them such as arrests and trash:

Click on the screenshot below to access all those facts



Nice 2013 ( France )

Here are some key ingredients to the success of this celebration: 21 floats, 150 giant heads, 60 troops, 20 tons of confetti, 10 kg of wires, and 5000 fresh flowers sticks.

>carnivalnice(Click on the image above to access the dashboard)

Now, tell me these fun facts weren’t a little entertaining? See, it’s working already!

Happy Carnival and Happy Dashboarding!