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ClicData versus Tableau/Qlikview

One of the questions most often asked of us is "what is the difference between ClicData and other dashboard tools such as Tableau and Qlikview?". To summarize we will mention cost and time. But what exactly makes us more cost efficient and faster to implement than our...

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Tracking Project Resources for Greater Success

Every business has a finite number of resources available to work toward the completion of projects. These resources include people, materials, expertise, and time, and they all require extreme care of management to achieve the greatest level of efficiency. The crux...

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Why Do Clients Need More BI Consulting Training?

A BI consultant wears a lot of hats, but which one is the most important to his clients? After all, he consults with clients on their business needs, creates and designs reports and analytics, and evaluates BI tools that best serve their business objectives. But his...

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Visualize your company data with ClicData

This is the translation of a post from, a German blog about optimizing digital Analytics and online Marketing. Its Author, Danny Behne, is a digital consultant responsible for the development of SEO & Online marketing strategies for clients of...

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ClicData, an alternative to Dasheroo

With Dasheroo shutting down, many dashboard users will be looking for a new long term solution for their company metrics. Similar to Dasheroo, ClicData offers a free plan that can handle data on your spreadsheets and delimited file exports as well as many other...

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Take Your BI Platform Into the 21st Century

Choosing a successful business intelligence solution may depend on what works best for your company, but the advantages of modern over traditional BI platforms are hard to ignore. Traditional BI platforms rely on massive, complex data warehouses and constant IT...

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