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For the last couple of weeks we have been upgrading our infrastructure: servers, databases etc… We made sure to build a redundant powerhouse to minimize the risks of downtime and also to welcome more ClicData users!

I’ll take this opportunity to answer a question that I’ve been getting quite often lately: Where in the world do we store your data?

We selected OVH as our infrastructure partner, the leading European internet hosting provider, to run our servers. OVH has a strong presence in Europe and in North America, including one of the world’s largest data center with over 360 000 servers in Canada. Currently all of your data is stored in datacenters in Europe, specifically in France.


In light of recent events, to comply with data security and legislation needs and to empower our users, we have begun development to allow each user to select the region in which data will be stored mainly Europe or North America.

You will have the possibility to decide where you want your data to be hosted when creating an account.  If you are a current user will be able to migrate your data to another region if you wish.

You will have full control over your Data!

Happy Dashboarding!