Hey there ClicData users!

ClicData has been built around 3 simple but fundamental steps:

  • Connect your Data
  • Create your Dashboards
  • Share your Work

In this week’s update we’ve added more features to further ease this third collaborative step.

Password Protected Dashboards

Remember how ClicData can create hyperlinks to your dashboards with a simple click? Well, some of our users where concerned about confidentiality when they were using this feature.

We have listened to them and you can now activate password protection in the same menu as you can see on the screenshot below. (Click on the screenshot to see it fullcreen)

Export a dashboard with a password

Once activated, the dashboard will only be displayed if the correct password is entered.

Distribution Lists

“Professional” and “Enterprise” users now have access to Distribution Lists. You have the ability to select and add contacts to specific lists and to schedule the date at which you want dashboards to be shared automatically.

Distribution lists

ClicData has now a fully functional “Fire & Forget” system for your dashboards. Once created and configured it can automatically feed itself from your data source and be exported to your designated contacts without having to do anything.

Automatic distribution

Welcome to The ClicPeace of Mind of Business Analytics!

To use this new Fire & Forget feature, look for the automation Icon on your dashboard panel.

Happy Dashboarding!