Did you play a bit with the new pivot table of ClicData ?


Let me introduce you to the new features.


As you can see in the following screenshot, you can disable the grand totals, vertically or horizontally. If you have 2 dimensions in rows, or 2 dimensions in columns, you will be able to display, or not, the subtotals too. And finally, it’s possible to change the labels of the totals and subtotals, according to what you desire.



You can drop multiples columns in the values to display them next to each other in the table.


As you can see, there are 2 values (Quantity and Sales) for each intersection Sales Year / Sales Person. You have an option to display them in column (default, left image), or in row (right image). The more values you have, the more subtotals and grand totals you have (here, 2 grand totals).

Format and style

To have a better reading of your table, you can format each value as you wish : decimals, percentage, suffix.., and its style (color, background, font ..). Even the columns headers can be formatted.


Headers order

By default, the table orders the headers using the order of your data. If your data are not sorted, you can still use the ClicData actions popup to sort them :



Last but no least, you can display the heatmap of your data just using a small checkbox in the options! It’s pretty useful to see in one shot where are the big (red) and small (white) values. Let’s take our  earthquake occurences table as an example :


No need to lose time to see where the useful info are. On the table above, February the 11 was a pretty eventful day!

Have fun with our pivot table !

Happy Dashboarding @ http://www.clicdata.com