The latest news from ClicData.

New Support System – ClicData i4

Hi there! With i4 about to show up in just a few days, I think it is time to introduce our brand new Support System. In the current version of ClicData, most of the support was handled from within the application and aside from a few videos and tutorials on Youtube,... read more

ClicData Pricing Update

Hi there! Working on i4, we realized that we could improve not only our interface and ClicData features but also the way our subscription system works. Right now, we charge on a per user basis which can become a challenge for our customers that would prefer administer... read more

ClicData Success Stories

Dear Dashboard Enthusiast! Wondering what you can achieve with the paying version of ClicData? Some of our clients have been kind enough to share their experience and feedback with the community and some of their amazing dashboards as well! Check out some of our... read more

Happy New Year from ClicData CEO

2014 has been a very eventful year here at ClicData! We started to showcase the application at trade shows and spreading the word to journalists and related web sites about it. We got to meet some of you in person to see what we can do better and how ClicData is being... read more

New Year, New Career? (and Dashboards !)

With the beginning of a New Year, new hopes, dreams and resolutions start taking shape in our mind. We wish each other a happy and better year, full of success and accomplishments. Fulfilling our dreams and attaining our objectives stands on our hands. Most of us... read more