The latest news from ClicData.

Roland-Garros Winners

Hi There! While working a lot on bringing you new features for ClicData i4, we found some time to watch… hum, work on a dashboard about Roland-Garros! So let’s have a closer look from what at the French Open winners! Congratulations Spain,it looks like... read more

Cannes film Festival!

This week, we will take you to the movies and entertain you with key facts about one of the fanciest festival ever. Welcome to Cannes! Fancy means popular, last year over 200,000 visitors, professionals and fans took a walk on the Croisette to support their favorite... read more

ClicData i4 is out!

Hi There… and I can finally say it: welcome to the new version of ClicData! We have just finished updating the website and clicking on the login or signup buttons will now take you to our brand new ClicData i4! We are very excited about this release and we hope that... read more

SME election concerns revealed

Today is the UK General Election and, during the build up, we fielded research to find out more about what issues were the main concerns of UK businesses. Our findings revealed that as many as 41% of SMEs have concerns over the outcome of the election, with pensions,... read more

New Support System – ClicData i4

Hi there! With i4 about to show up in just a few days, I think it is time to introduce our brand new Support System. In the current version of ClicData, most of the support was handled from within the application and aside from a few videos and tutorials on Youtube,... read more

ClicData Pricing Update

Hi there! Working on i4, we realized that we could improve not only our interface and ClicData features but also the way our subscription system works. Right now, we charge on a per user basis which can become a challenge for our customers that would prefer administer... read more

ClicData Success Stories

Dear Dashboard Enthusiast! Wondering what you can achieve with the paying version of ClicData? Some of our clients have been kind enough to share their experience and feedback with the community and some of their amazing dashboards as well! Check out some of our... read more